10 beauty changes for Autumn

10 beauty changes for Autumn

Well, the temperature seems to have dropped and that extended summer has come to an end! You’ve packed away the bikinis and pulled out the chunky knits, but have you considered the changes you can do to your beauty routine? Here are 10 changes for you to make to transition into the Autumn months!

Silk pillowcases

With the elements becoming harsh to the skin, switching to silk pillowcases is a simple way of giving your face some TLC without having to lift a finger, in fact, you can reap the benefits of all this whilst you snooze!

Using a silk pillowcase will help your skin by being more-gentle on the skin than cotton for example. Fine lines and wrinkles won’t be deepened. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and has great resistance to dust mites and other bacteria that can cause skin reactions or discomfort.

It also helps that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a simple touch of luxury that everyone needs after a long day! 

Wash your makeup brushes

I know that washing your makeup brushes isn’t the most exciting of things to do on a Friday night… it’s no surprise that we are all guilty of leaving our brushes for far too long, unwashed! You may notice that no matter what you do with your skin, you keep getting a breakout of spots, it may be due to you using dirty makeup brushes! There is a full post dedicated to washing your makeup brushes, which you can take a look at here.

Keep your sheet masks in the fridge

I know the idea of putting an ice-cold sheet mask on your face during Winter could be seen as a form of torture. But with the chilly weather and indoor heating causing skin problems applying a cool sheet mask will help calm any redness, depuff the face and close up pores restoring balance back to your skin. Try using the sheet mask in the mornings as the boost of hydration and moisture will help the skin and getting it ready to face the elements! The  Instaclear Control Mask will help particularly well this time of year due to them calming any redness!

Hot water and lemon

Drinking hot water and lemon first thing in the morning is a great start to the day. Adding a dash of honey to it will also make an immune boosting potion! Drinking lemon water is also a great swap for caffeine which can reap havoc on your skin, especially during the months of windy, freezing days and dark mornings!  

Don’t cut your cuticles

Having my cuticles snipped away when I have a manicure is hugely satisfying! However, not meaning to sound too Blue Peter, but snipping your cuticles is something not to try at home! If you want to perform an at home manicure than the best way to deal with cuticles is to soak your nails in warm water, take an nail tool called an orange stick (it sort of resembles a large cocktail stick) and push the cuticles back to the nail bed. By cutting your cuticles when you aren’t experienced can lead to you over-exposing the nail and therefore adds to the risk of infection. If the tiny flakes of skin or hang nails drive you mad, apply ample amounts of hand moisturiser throughout the day focusing it onto the cuticles!  

Embrace lipstick

There’s something about Autumn that calls for deep berry red lips! I’ll admit I’m not the best at experimenting with a dark lipstick. This is why I am taking on the personal challenge of taking the opportunity to wear dark lips this month! Opting for a cooler toned lipstick will give your teeth a helping hand by appearing more white, but there is always the option of using Procoal’s Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips for an enamel safe way of whitening your teeth!

So, I dare you to join me and embrace the bold lip this season!

Body scrub 

With millions of layers we pile on as the temperatures drop, naturally body care seems to waver a tad. If you continue to give your body a good coating of nourishing moisturiser don’t forget to give your skin a scrub beforehand, this will shift the skin of dead skin cells,  have the blood circulating, giving the skin a healthy glow and other woeful skin concerns, such as blemishes on your back and chest will be a thing of the past!

Don’t forget your feet

Much like the body scrub mentioned above, we put our feet through a lot throughout the colder months. Constantly shoved into socks and boots with very little, if no attention given to them at all! Give those forgotten toes a pedicure and try out the Peel Away Foot Mask to have your feet looking their best and comfortable, you’ll also be extremely prepared for first day of spring and dusting off your sandals!

Remember your SPF

I know I’ve said this before, but wearing SPF should be a year round step to your skincare routine. Just because you are not lounging on a sunbed, Pina Colada in hand, doesn’t mean the sun’s harmful UV rays aren’t out in full force! So, to prevent your skin suffering premature aging and dark spots, keep up the good work and wear an SPF of at least 30 on a daily basis. 

Hair masks

Hair has a hard time during winter, the cold weather, the static from woolly hats being pulled on and off, the indoor heating. It’s no surprise many people claim how winter causes them weekly hair problems! Opting for a shea butter enriched shampoo will give them hair follicles some much needed moisture, Procoal’s shampoo bars are packed full of wonderful ingredients your skin will love! You can also try coating your hair in coconut oil for an overnight mask, try wrapping your hair in an old t-shirt to save the oil from ruining bed linen!

So, I hope these 10 change ups will help you in a bid to keep your skin and hair looking great during these chilly autumnal months!


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