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Can You Mix Niacinamide and Glycolic Acid?
We’ve been exploring how to layer and mix your skincare ingredients quite a bit recently here on The Beauty Insiders, and today I intend to carry this on. Not only because these questions occur in our inbox a lot, but...
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What Can You Not Mix with Retinol?
So, perhaps you’re new to skincare, or fancy stepping your routine up a notch and want to introduce retinol into your daily skincare regime. Only problem is, just what exactly can you use with retinol? Or more importantly, what can...
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Which is Better Squalene or Squalane?
We've discussed before just how overwhelming the skincare industry can be, especially when you consider today’s two ingredients that sound remarkably similar. Not to worry though as I’m here today to clear things up and put an end to any...
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