Our Story

Procoal started as a tiny speck of a business in 2016. A wife, a husband, a desk and a will.

And from day one, the will’s been the biggest thing.

We want our range of ethically-made products to set its users free. To act. For friends. Projects. Planets. Families. Strangers. Lovers. Even those who might never use a Procoal product in their lives.

They can. Because the key to all that selflessness is good, old-fashioned selfishness

Procoal products put you first. Only then can you do the same for everyone.

An unkempt body is good for nobody. Even you.


That said, a few of us will never use Procoal products. Their names are mice, rats, guinea-pigs and monkeys.

Like our suppliers, we deplore animal testing. It’s why most of our ingredients are naturally derived, like charcoal and essential oils. Even our synthetic components have a proven history of safe use.    


Low on cruelty, high on care, higher still on you. It’s our way of thinking. Ding.

It proves selfishness is actually good. Only the boringly self-righteous might be wrong.

So, get on and go for everything. But only after you’ve gone for you. 


Even the selfish need a little help sometimes, so please feel free to get in touch.

Our Customer Service team is available five days per week. We are open from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday. A full list of contact options can be found below.

  • Contact Customer Support – Question about our products or your order? Then call us for free on 01273 604035
  • Customer Support Email - You can email your queries to support@procoal.co.uk
  • Write to Us -  Unit 5 Westergate Business Centre, Moulsecoomb, Brighton, BN2 4QN

Procoal is a trading name of Bayagan Group Ltd. Registered office: The Old Casino, 28 Fourth Avenue, Hove, England, BN3 2PJ. Registered in England and Wales: Company number 10271296. Registered VAT number 248023422.