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Our products put you first. Only then can you do the same for everyone.
Low on cruelty, high on care, higher still on you. It’s our way of thinking.

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We're squarely focussed on developing innovative activated charcoal beauty products. Take a look at our recently launched natural deodorantmoisturising sheet mask and charcoal face scrub


10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

The influence of K-beauty has well and truly made it over to the UK beauty industry, as influencers and celebrities a...

How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes

Bags are common for both genders and for various ages, however it is one of the most sought out beauty treatments, as...

Dare to Bare for International Women’s Day

So, with International Women’s Day fast approaching, we here at Procoal decided to challenge you all to a dare! That ...

How To Make Charcoal Pancakes

Times have changed a lot since we introduced our activated charcoal powder as a form of teeth whitening powder. It se...

Are you a skincare expert?

Do you know your moisturiser from your serum? Is your bathroom cardboard looking like a small cosmetic store? Take th...

Ways To Hydrate Your Skin On A Plane

You are off on a journey, how exciting! The only problem is just how much havoc flying causes to your skin! Here are ...

What’s Your Next Skincare Treatment?

Ready to try a new skincare treatment? Can’t really decide which one to go for? Let this quiz help you figure out whi...

How to do a DIY at-home spa treatment

This can feel like a funny time of year, Christmas spirit is a distant memory, we survived a year long January and S...
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