How to clean your makeup brushes

How to clean your makeup brushes

If you are anything like us, you will find washing your makeup brushes to be one heck of a job, especially if you find yourself still on the hunt for a cleaning product that works for you and your brushes!

We have used a number of products, fairy liquid is admittedly a good one, however, it dries our hands out and personally not a fan of wearing rubber gloves. There are also sprays and solutions, always great for a quick clean, but doesn’t give you a squeaky clean brush head. You may also find that the brush’s bristles can become dry and brittle with overexposure to strong cleaning solutions, even if they are formulated for brush cleaning!

I stumbled across this discovery one chilly Wednesday evening a few months back. I was having a de-clutter of my makeup and spotted my unsightly, dirty makeup brushes. Gathering them all up I went into the bathroom and Procoal’s shampoo bar caught my eye. I thought to myself, well, it leaves my own hair looking and feeling lovely, I wonder how it’ll work with my brushes. The rest they say, is history and I have been kicking myself I didn’t put the two and two together before! The scents of the bars are also great for your brushes, Seaweed, Charcoal, Lavender and Rose, an extra treat of getting a whiff of one of those when you’re applying your makeup in the morning!

So here is how to clean your makeup brushes with our shampoo bars, this technique is a quick and easy way of cleaning your brushes in our opinion, here it is step by step.

Wetting the brushes

First of all, wet your brushes with lukewarm water, be sure to always keep the brushes facing down to stop the water getting into the brush and dissolving the glue keeping the bristles in place!

Work up a lather

Next, grab the shampoo bar, the shape and size of the bar fits into your hand so perfectly, hold it in one hand whilst using the other to swirl your brush over the top working up a lather of bubbles. You’ll start to see a lot of left-over foundation and other makeup product working its way out of the brush! It’s amazing just how much will wash out of the brush with the help of the shampoo’s lather, use the palm of your hand to really work the product out of the brush head.

Rinse and repeat

Rinse the brush with water and massaging the bristles dislodging any remaining product, you can also repeat the previous step until the water runs clear with no more makeup left behind!

Drying your brushes

Don’t forget to give the brushes a good shake as this helps to restore their shape quickly and leave them to dry overnight with their heads hanging over an edge to stop them from drying flat on one side. 

The results!

In the morning you will find your brushes are left clean, soft and smelling glorious. With thanks to the shea butter to help nourish the bristles and keeping them soft, especially for eye makeup brushes, no one wants to be poked with sharp brush hairs when trying to blend out an eye shadow! The essential oils are great for adding scent to the brushes without being too overpowering and cause any sensitivity. The shampoo itself will also clean away and build-up of bacteria and general nastiness that can linger around in our brushes! The final benefit is that seeing as the shampoo bar is natural and gentle to the hairs of the brush, their consistency won’t be altered in any way and you’ll find your brushes will last longer than before!

It is always best to wash your makeup brushes every two weeks, the build of product will start causing bristles to fall out of the brush as well as transferring bacteria onto your face and back again in some sort of germ-filled cycle.

If you have problematic skin, you may find that regular washing of your makeup brushes will stop any more blemishes appearing onto the skin, especially on areas such as your cheeks, where bronzer and blusher are applied! With the shampoo bar, you will find it is an effective way of cleaning your makeup brushes that will not only get your brushes super clean, but also add to the longevity of them too! Anything multitasking for us is a huge win, so why not give it a go for yourself and see what we are raving about!




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