What is Multimasking? Our tips on how to use Multimasking in your skincare routine.

What is Multimasking? Our tips on how to use Multimasking in your skincare routine.

Another day, another skincare technique to learn more about! This one is a particular favourite of ours at Procoal HQ and here's why.

Multimasking is a skincare trick that involves using multiple and different face masks at the same time, confused? Well not to worry, you soon won't be. Let's explain what this all involves with these quick and easy tips. By the end of it, you'll be kicking yourself that you haven't tried it sooner!

Skin prep

Just like using a face mask in the conventional sense, it is best to start out with a clean, cleansed face. Using an exfoliator will also allow you to buff away any remaining layer of dead skin that can get in the way of the masks delivering their best results. Procoal's Exfoliating Face Scrub is great for this, with the charcoal beads bursting on the face to provide detoxifying properties and the light pumice to gently, but thoroughly clean the skin and unclog pores.

Consider your skin

The main benefit of multimasking is that you are able to tailor the mask to the area you are wanting to treat. With this in mind, take some time to have a look at your skin to figure out which product would work best for that area. For example, drier cheeks call for hydrating and moisturising, cream-based, or sheet masks. For more blemish-prone skin there is clay-based, or blemish fighting formulated products that are great for clearing clogged pores.

Don't forget to shower

If you shower before applying the masks, you will find the warm steam of the water would have opened your pores, perfect for any beneficial ingredients from the masks which are able to absorb quickly into the skin!

Mix it up

Don't feel as though you need to stick to the same formula of a mask. Multimasking is the perfect time to mix and match the masks you have to help your skin look it's best. Another benefit of mixing it up will also mean if you are suffering from a breakout, you can treat it without worrying about any extra flare-ups. Procoal's Instaclear Control Sheet Mask is purifying and helps calm any redness or swelling from active blemishes! Why not try snipping it to apply onto smaller patches that have active spots.

Don't be scared to layer up!

Masks don't necessarily need to be applied at the same time! You can always start off with a detoxifying clay mask, like Procoal's Charcoal Face Mask, and then follow it with a hydrating mask, or perhaps sleep mask.

Timing is everything

One thing to remember is to ensure you get your timings correct when applying your masks of choice. For example, for masks that require more time to set or dry, it's best to apply them first of all, followed by others that are quicker! Then you will be able to remove them all in one go!

Get snipping!

Don't think that multimasking only means using clay or cream-based masks. Sheet masks are also perfect to work for this trend too! With cheeks and upper forehead, which tend to be on the dry side will really love a sheet mask. Simply snip the mask into shape and save the rest in the fridge, sheet masks will last up to 5 days chilled in the fridge. Procoal's Marine Moisture Sheet Mask is a great one to try, super hydrating and feels lovely on the skin when it's cool.

Don't forget the aftercare

It would be a great shame have that time and effort go to waste by just leaving the face bare after masking. Once you have washed away the residue it's best to reach for your trusty serum and moisturiser, your skin will feel as though Christmas has come early with all the love and attention!

Don't overdo it

You can always have too much of a good thing, sometimes it's best to leave your skin alone and let it balance itself out. Try and avoid using face masks more than 3 times a week, for the rest of the time stick to your usual skincare routine.

Things get costly

There is no denying this trend can be a costly experience, using multiple masks will cost a few pretty pennies. To avoid this from happening, aim for products that you have previously used and are familiar with. Going for something new you haven't tried before may result with your skin not getting on well with it, therefore having that mask ending up tucked away in a drawer never to see the light of day again, what a waste!

 So, there you have some of our tips, tricks, and advice on tackling the popular trend of multimasking! It takes a lot of dedication to perform, but we are huge fans of this super extra 'you' time here at Procoal. Even if you perform a multimask just once a week, or even once a month, you won't regret it and your skin will love you for it!


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