5 Essential, travel friendly products to take to Coachella

5 Essential, travel friendly products to take to Coachella

The biggest festival of the year is upon us, Coachella. Seeing the hoards of celebrities and music fans flooding their way to California is remarkable to see and has become as popular as the world’s fashion weeks with a history stretching back into the early ’00s.

Whether it’s the Coachella line up, celeb spotting, fashion, it does indeed have its own style there’s no denying that. With the hint of Summer running along in its wake, you can even get a lot of inspiration for makeup and hairstyles to try yourself once we start getting more beer garden weather here in the UK!

If however, you have nabbed yourself a ticket to Coachella (we are only slightly jealous) here are 5 of our essential products that need to go into your bag instantly!

Shampoo Bars 

Procoal has four different scents to choose from with our shampoo bars, rose, lavender, seaweed and charcoal. Not only do they give you longer time between washes, but they are also natural and don’t weight the hair down with any nasty silicone and other added baddies. They are also great to throw into your hand luggage without any liquid stress at the airport! They are such a handy size you could even pop one into your pocket! That would be a little odd…. But if that’s something you wanted to do, you can.

Face Scrub

You will be falling into your bed after a long day and night of dancing and singing your heart out. Before you pass out though it’s best to give yourself a little wash using our exfoliating face scrub. This will not only get your skin nice and clean for bed, but the scrub will rid your face of any dirt and pollution it picked up during the day and any left-over sunscreen that clog the pores which can result in blemishes and spots, and nobody wants that worry.

Natural Deodorant

With the glorious Californian weather, your suitcase is no doubt packed to the brim with cute summery outfits! Our natural deodorant is the best accessory for those little numbers. Not only does it give unbelievable protection from sweat and perspiration. The balm actually improves the appearance of your underarms and lets you get a closer shave! Ideal for when your song comes on and you throw your arms in the air!

Teeth Whitening Strips

Have you ever been to Coachella if you haven’t taken a grinning selfie in front of the big wheel? Well with our teeth whitening strips you can be sure your pearly whites can be gleaming as much as you are! They are gentle enough to use every day so you can even start using them on the flight out there!

Sheet Mask

You’re having the best time, it’s understandable you’ve forgotten to top up on the SPF. Not to worry, take one of our Marine Moisture Masks with you, packed with a powerful blend of ingredients to nourish the skin, it will calm down any flushed pink cheeks, forehead and nose! Oh, and don’t forget to pop it in the fridge for extra cooling loveliness when you apply it.

Well, that’s that. Our top 5 products that are essential for you to take to Coachella! We hope you have the best time at this incredible festival! We’re off to sit under our office lamp with our eyes closed trying to imagine we are right there with you, you lucky devils!


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