How to winter-proof your skin

How to winter-proof your skin

Changing up your skin care routine to have you ready for winter

Seeing as it’s the Friday before August bank holiday, naturally I’d love to speak to you all about winter proofing your skin. In all seriousness, I thought it was best to have you prepared for the winter in plenty of time!

All skin types find the colder months have an effect on them, dry skin in particular, really suffer with the elements and the temperatures dropping stripping the skin of all moisture and hydration, not ideal as they are already lacking in these! For more oily skins, they may prefer the winter months as summer has a tendency to bring out the shine more.

So, I thought I’d share with you a couple of tips that will help your skin survive the winter!


I know I seem to constantly talk about exfoliating, but it really is a stage in your skincare routine that will really make a different to your skin’s appearance. Particularly in the colder months which cause the skin to dry out more and have more flaky areas to the face.

Now, I don’t want to get too science-y but there is a cycle to our skin and we shed away dead skin cells throughout a 30 days, yes much like a snake, although less dramatic! With the colder months you will find your skin isn’t as effective as shedding these cells away and so there will be a build-up which can cause breakouts, blemishes and dry patches. You will also find your skin becomes a little dull and drab looking.

This can all be rescued with the help of a face scrub to buff away those remaining cells that can make your skin appear grey and lack lustre. Procoal’s Exfoliating Face Scrub contains detoxifying charcoal and hard-working, yet gentle pumice which will work away any build up without stripping away the water and oils.


This is another tip I feel as though I always speak about… Drinking enough water throughout the day should be your number one priority. It helps your brain to function and has countless benefits for your vital organs. Your skin also reaps the benefits of water, however, there is a slight set back. Your skin is the biggest organ, yet you will find it is always the last to see the signs of having enough water.

If you picture a water fountain with all your organs waiting to take a sip, you will find your skin will be at the very back of the line. Sure, it’s the biggest and could easily barge its way through to the front, but it waits it’s turn which can sometimes result in it not having enough water.

This is when you need to help it out with products that are super hydrating and packed with powerful blends of ingredients that add plumpness and moisture back to the skin. Acids such as AHA, vitamin C etc are always great for the skin for adding some hydration and helps to iron out fine lines that have a tendency to show up more during winter.


I understand it may seem odd to talk about SPF when I’m talking about winter, but using a daily SPF throughout winter is still important, vital in fact, to save your skin from prematurely aging. The skin damaging rays from the sun are still present all year round, UVB, also known as the burning ray, is more prominent throughout the hotter months and UVA, known as the aging ray can penetrate through clouds, water and even glass. This is the ray you need protection from during winter, you can either choose a face SPF or a moisturiser with sun protection built in.

Don’t forget your lips

The wind, rain, snow and freezing temperatures will cause your lips to crack and be very uncomfortable. It’s best to remember to use a sugar scrub and moisturising lip balm to aid your lips in looking and feeling their best.

Weekly Masks

One of the easiest ways you can keep your skin moisturised throughout winter is to use a weekly mask, this could be any formula you find works best with your skin type.

Marine Moisture is our most hydrating sheet mask with a powerful blend of ingredients that help transform the skin restoring its balance and giving an all-over radiant complexion.

Fake it

If you find that even after all that love and attention your skin is still looking dull and perhaps a tad grey, you can always “fake it till you make it” and instead enhance your skin with makeup. Opting for a cream-based foundation with light reflecting particles will give the skin a beautiful glow. Teaming it with a highlighter and blush will add a real flush of colour and look of health. Perfect disguise until Spring comes again!

So, there you have it, some winter skin survival tips for you to help cope with the frosty elements of winter causing havoc on your face! For now, however, enjoy the rest of your time and enjoy the long, sunny weekend. At least now you know you’re prepared because winter is coming…. Whether you like it or not.

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