Bad beauty habits you didn't know you were doing!

Sometimes you can’t help a habit, they just happen after all. Would you change a beauty habit if you were told it’s actually bad for you? Here are bad beauty habits you didn’t know you were doing and tips on how to stop.

Sleeping with makeup on

This one may not be new to some of you, but sleeping with your makeup on can be the result of some troublesome skin, especially if your skin is more blemish prone. Not removing your makeup will not only ruin your pillowcases, but it will also result in your pores becoming clogged eventually leading to blemishes such as spots and blackheads. With all that set aside, there is also the added worry that leaving makeup on whilst you sleep will in-fact speed up ageing! Your skin rejuvenates itself whilst you sleep and having a barrier of foundation to combat will slow down the regeneration of collagen production and ridding the skin of aggressors, such as pollution, therefore making your skin age quicker. You’ll find you get a better night’s sleep with a freshly cleansed face, so try it out, before you pass out!

Not using a moisturiser at night

As previously mentioned, your skin rejuvenates itself whilst you sleep. It takes a total of 8 hours for the skin to natural cleanse away any aggressors and daily toll your skin had suffered. 8 hours though… I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I had 8 hours of sleep. This is when a nightly moisturiser comes into play, you will find night moisturisers are formulated differently and packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that will give your skin a helping hand. Even if you don’t get more than six hours sleep the moisturiser would have worked overtime leaving your skin healthy and happy! Oh, and before you just grab any old moisturiser avoid ones with SPF designed to use during the day as SPF has a habit of clogging pores and making them enlarged!

Combing your hair when it’s wet

Yes, I know, this one even shocked me when I found out! Our hair is at its weakest when it is wet. If you have fine hair that is prone to breaking easily, give it a spray with smoothing and detangling product and leave it to dry. Once your hair is completely dry that is when you can give it a brush with a wide-toothed comb. The fall out will be a lot less and you’ll find your hair looks super shiny after dry brushing.

Dirty makeup brushes giving you spots

Believe it or not, those pesky spots that just don’t seem to leave may be reoccurring from using dirty makeup brushes! Bacteria would have a field day nestling happily in the bristles of your makeup brushes passing germs back and forward onto your skin. You may find spots appearing on areas where you apply bronzer or blush. It’s best to use a disinfecting brush cleaning spray often and give them a good, deep clean every 2 weeks. We have previously shared with you how to clean your brushes on the blog, click here to take a closer look. 

Not using sunscreen every day

Well, it makes perfect sense to layer up on sun cream before a day of sunbathing, but you don’t get to do that every day so there’s no point right? Afraid not… the sun is something you really need to protect yourself from daily. You can either use facial sunscreen or use a moisturiser with an added SPF. Even on a cloudy day the sun can penetrate through, it’s best to be safe than sorry! There are two types of UV rays in the sun, UVA and UVB. One important thing to remember is that UVA is the ray that causes the skin to age and it can penetrate through glass and water, and UVB burns the skin. So even on a gloomy looking day in the middle of winter, those rays can still get you, so stay sun safe!

Grubby phones

You may have heard before that there are more bacteria on your mobile phone than on a toilet! Pass the sick bucket immediately! Thinking about it though that really is no surprise, just take a moment to think about everywhere your phone goes and what it comes in contact with. Pressing it up to your ear whilst having a long old chat to your bestie could result in germs making their way onto your skin, which of course will result in spots and blemishes. All is not lost, so before you throw that expensive piece of technology in the bin, get some anti-bacterial wipes that are safe to use on your tech gadgets and you are good to go!

Heading off to bed too late

I have previously mentioned before how our skin naturally restores itself whilst we sleep and how using night moisturisers will help a great deal too. What you may not know it that your skin has an idea of what the time is and kick starts it’s rejuvenating work as soon as your asleep. Say for example you head off to bed at 11 pm, by 2 am collagen production and natural detoxifying is in full swing and leaves you looking fresh and rested by morning. If you stay up until midnight or later, your skin doesn’t get enough time to work its magic. So give it some help and head off for some shut-eye at a reasonable hour. You can always record Game of Thrones and dodge spoilers the following day, at least that’s the trick we do anyway…

Ignoring your dehydrated skin

It doesn’t really matter how much water you drink throughout the day, your skin is always the last to see the benefits. Unfair I know as it is our largest organ and encounters a number of battles every day, from the elements, weather, pollution, the list is endless. It’s no surprise that our skin can get thirsty! Every skin type can become dehydrated and using topical products has been known as the best way to add moisture back into your parched skin! This is why we formulated the Marine Moisture Mask to contain an entire 25 ml bottle of serum to really fill the skin up with a powerful blend of active ingredients to nourish the skin! So, don’t ignore your thirsty skin and give it some TLC.

There are some bad beauty habits you didn’t even realise you were doing! We can’t lie, a number of them had us a little shocked too!  

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