The Procoal Weirdest Celebrity Crush List

We couldn't help ourselves, we were discussing in the office our weirdest crushes and so many great names came out. Those celebs you find absolutely gorgeous but tend not to get the recognition they deserve for their lush looks, we wondered who our customers secretly fancied, so we sent out a survey and got 512 responses

The ladies of Britain have spoken. So which of the top 20 celebrities below do you have a slight crush on? 


Weirdest Celebrity Crush
Position Celebrity Votes Percentage
 1st  Michael McIntyre  63 12.3% 
 2nd  Tom Rosenthal  49  9.5%
 3rd  Ant McPartlin  41  8% 
 4th  Greg Davies  35  6.8% 
 5th  Adrian Chiles  35  6.8% 
 6th  Jimmi Simpson  29  5.6% 
 7th  Norman Reedus  24  4.6% 
 8th  Paul Ritter  21  4.1%
 9th  Jake Wood  21  4.1%
 10th  Noel Fielding  20  3.9%
 11th  Dec Donnelly  19  3.7%
 12th  Simon Pegg  19  3.7%
 13th  Jimmy Carr  19  3.7%
 14th  Justin Lee Collins  14  2.7% 
 15th  Domhnall Gleeson  13  2.5% 
 16th  Ed Sheeran  13  2.5% 
 17th  Phillip Schofield  13  2.5% 
 18th  Martin Freeman  11  2.1%
 19th  Simon Cowell  11  2.1% 
 20th  Peter Kay  10  1.9% 


With the top 20 taking up 93.75%, the rest were largely made up of single votes, with the likes of Jason Segal and David Mitchell. It should also be highlighted the Donald Trump also received 2 votes, however he didn't quite make the top 20.

We asked what was it that attracts you to this celebrity and 31% stated it was their humour, so a big positive for anyone with a joke up their sleeves. 16% stated they seem like a nice person, while 14% said they seem like they would be a good father.

The sense of humour seems to have a big impact, with Michael McIntyre coming top of the charts, as part of 6 comedians on the list (debatably more if you consider the likes of Ant and Dec with their comedic scenes over the years). Tom Rosenthal has also played some exceptionally funny characters in both Friday Night Dinner and Plebs.