Jessica Constanti - Skincare Expert

Jessica Constanti, based in Brighton, is currently the in-house skincare expert of Procoal. With over nine years within the beauty industry, Jess started her journey after completing a diploma at the London School of Beauty & Makeup, specialising in bridal and editorial makeup artistry.

Whilst working as a makeup artist for various beauty shoots, alongside some of the most inspirational beauty editors for some of the world’s most popular publications, Jess developed an interest in beauty journalism. She started her own blog as a way of perfecting her writing style whilst simultaneously working as an intern for such publications such as, Marie Claire, In Style, Stylist and Look Magazine. 

Once she has fully immersed herself within the beauty industry there was no stopping her. Determined to learn more about skincare, Jessica completed several courses developed by dermatologists to gain an impressive amount of knowledge about all things skin.

On a day-to-day basis you can expect to find Jess at her desk tapping away at her laptop working on a new blog post. You’ll also find she’s usually testing out a new serum formula or wearing a clay face mask, after all, being the brand’s guinea pig is one of her favourite past times. It’s all in a day’s work when you’re Procoal’s in-house skincare expert.