Dare to go bare for International Women’s Day

jessica constanti procoal

International Women’s Day is fast approaching, with the day first coming about as early as 1909, with it’s focal point being for women’s rights, it’s surprising to hear that a majority of places widely ignore the day as part of the calendar, compared to other countries making the 8th March a public holiday.

With such a controversial past and slight stigma attached to the day, many believe it a day of encouraging unwanted protesting. It should be considered a day of the celebration of womanhood, open to anyone and everyone to celebrate in any way they wanted!

Here at Procoal we love the excuse for any sort of shindig and would love to have you all join us in a challenge we want to set you all. That is to go bare faced for the day, without an inch of our trusted safety blanket of makeup on! Perhaps you are already a fresh-faced beauty, or maybe the thought of heading out your door without your favourite false lashes on sends chills down your spine. Whichever you are, we dare you, we triple dare you to go out with nothing on your face but a smile for International Women’s Day.

dare to bare

At Procoal, we focus a lot of time and effort on developing skincare products that are as natural as possible without any added toxins, parabens and silicones known to hinder the skin more than helping it. Making your skin glowing and radiant and the perfect canvas for any makeup you choose to apply after. Skin is our thing and we want you all to bare yours for the day as a sign of unity and respect to all your female loved ones from family members, to friends and even your ancestors from centuries ago!   Use our bare faced challenge as an excuse to tackle your day head on with all the oomph and power it takes to be an empowered woman in this day and age!

With skin confidence circulating heavily on the media in recent weeks, there is no time like the present to give you the chance to gain an extra boost of confidence. Thanks to bloggers, such as My Pale Skin producing a number of skin confidence related YouTube videos focusing on just how vicious online trolling can be, with the added pressures of modern society making women feel they need to look ‘pretty’ to be more successful and listened to. We think it’s about time we team together and give those thoughts and opinions a big old shove back into the middle ages where they belong.   

So this 8th March, no matter what you have planned, important business meeting? A job interview? Parent’s evening? Or maybe even a first date? Ditch that mascara and lipstick and let the world see you, as you and show them how much of a girl boss you can be. Force everyone to pay attention to you, and not your foundation, contoured cheek bones or winged eye liner!

So come girls, let’s all go bare for International Women’s Day!