Britain's Sexiest Armpit

What makes a sexy underarm? Well this is subjective, but we want to find Britain's best armpit, to celebrate the launch of our latest beauty product, the natural activated charcoal deodorant.

britains sexiest armpit

What Will I win?

The person with the sexiest pits in Britain will win a lovely £2,000. It doesn't stop there though, they will also be offered the paid opportunity to model their pits for all advertising and imagery used throughout the site and in any future campaigns.


How Do I Apply?

If you think you have an absolute winner under your arm then now is the time to get a camera out. Take a few snaps and once you think you have the best shot (think lighting, angles and background as well as the body itself), send it via email to where it will be considered.


When Is The Deadline?

Anyone who would like to apply and submit their image, please send the email by the 30th September. From this point, the images will all be considered and the winner will be announced within one week of the day.

The winner will then be contacted by email.

Be aware that if you win then your image will be used and highlighted throughout the campaign. Please only use an image you have the right to and try to ensure nobody else is featured in the picture.