• CAS number: 111-02-4
  • Origin(s): Plant, Animal, Synthetic


  • Naturally occurring in the body and provides many skin benefits
  • Provides high levels of hydration to the skin and combats any dark spots and pigmentation
  • Squalene is non-comedogenic meaning it does not block the pores which frequently lead to breakouts and blemishes
  • Originally sourced from shark livers, squalene has since been derived from olives and sugarcane


All skin types, especially those who have a drier skin type or suffer with skin concerns such as eczema, rosacea and redness, the hydration boost will make the skin feel more comfortable.


Squalene naturally occurs in the body and is known to hold a multitude of skin benefits, from antioxidant properties to aiding hydration to the skin. With squalene’s humectant traits you will find that the ingredient has the ability to draw in an impressive amount of hydration into the skin from the atmosphere and products your face comes into contact with. Your skin will absorb squalene with great ease and its hydration will reach the lower layers of the skin. Luckily this ingredient is non-comedogenic meaning it does not clog the pores which can frequently lead to breakouts such as spots and blackheads. As well as providing large amounts of moisture to the skin you will also find squalene to help counteract any appearance of sun damage caused by over exposure to UV rays and other harmful free radicals reducing the pigmentation of dark spots and scarring over time.


Though this may not be considered a side effect, but in previous years squalene was sourced from the shark livers. Luckily in more recent years there have been a number of natural alternatives found such as rice bran, sugarcane and olives. Generally speaking, there is no real side effects when using squalene, however, we always suggest performing a patch test before applying a new product to your face to avoid any irritation.


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