Sorbitan Olivate

Sorbitan Olivate


Description: d-glucitol, 1,4-anhydro-, 6-monoester with olive oil fatty acids
CAS #: 223706-40-9

Quick Facts

  • Sorbitan olivate is emulsifying meaning it is able to help mix ingredients together that don’t usually like to, such as water and oil
  • Derived from olive oil and part of the trade name Olivem 1000
  • Can be used to form liquid crystal structures that are similar to those found on the outer layer of the skin
  • Helps to repair the skin barrier allowing it to function 

Who can use it?

Everyone although those with blemish-prone skin may want to take note of any increase in breakout in case the ingredient is too heavy for the skin. 

What is Sorbitan Olivate?

Sorbitan olivate is an emulsifier formulated from a mixture of fatty acids extracted from olive oil and sugar from sorbitol. You may also find that this ingredient goes by a different trade name, Olivem 1000 which helps make it to become an active ingredient delivering significant moisturising results as well as helping oil and water blend together allowing it to work on the outer layers of the face meaning it is most effective when blended into skin cleansing product. With this ingredient developed synthetically and naturally it can benefit all skin types, as mentioned earlier, those with oily and blemish-prone skin types may want to ensure their skin will remain happy with the application. Sorbitan olivate is a deeply moisturising ingredient with an excellent ability to spread across the skin without pulling and tugging with no signs of soapy effect that often leaves the skin feeling tight and dry. 

Side effects of Sorbitan Olivate

Sorbitan olivate has very few side effects, however, dry skins would benefit from using products containing this ingredient compared to oily skin types that may find it too heavy for the skin.


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