Sea Whip Extract (Also known as Gorgonian)

Sea Whip Extract (Also known as Gorgonian)


Description: sea whip extract is an extract of the marine invertebrate, pseudopterogorgia elisabethae

Quick facts

  • Known as an extremophile meaning it can live in extreme environments and conditions other organisms couldn‚Äôt
  • Effective anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties
  • Can provide DNA repair enzymes protecting the skin‚Äôs protein and over-all structure
  • Powerful healing properties reducing signs of irritation for the skin surface

Who can use it?

Sea ship extract can be used by all skin types. 

What is Sea Whip Extract?

Sea whip extract is derived from an organism found in the Caribbean Sea coral reef this marine beauty provides a substantial amount of skin benefits when formulated into cosmetic products. Sea whip is known as an extremophile and is able to withstand extreme conditions and deliver protective and repairing enzymes to the skin that will create a barrier against surrounding environmental damage. Many conditions such as sensitivity and redness- prone skins types are soothed and inflammation reduced, giving the skin a restored and comfortable complexion. The powerful healing properties of the enzymes found in this ingredient can also reduce sunburn, skin ageing and relieve from discomfort experienced with severe acne flare-ups.

Side effects of Sea Whip Extract

None known as sea ship extract can be used by all skin types, should you have any concerns you should consult a dermatologist or skin professional for further information.


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