Description: phospholipids
CAS #: 123465-35-0

Quick Facts

  • Naturally occurring in the body and is a type of lipid found in over 75% of cell membrane
  • A skin-identical ingredient meaning it can mimic molecules found on the skin, such as natural moisturising factors (NMF)
  • Is an ingredient that acts like an emollient making the skin soft, smooth and healthy
  • Can help other ingredients absorb into the skin quickly

Who can use it?

Everyone, all skin types due to the fact it is part of all cell membranes and found in the body.

What are Phospholipids?

Phospholipids are a type of lipid that are formulated in many skincare products as an emollient as well as a skin-identical ingredient. This makes phospholipids highly effective at mimicking the traits of Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) allowing your skin to remain at its healthiest state. With the added benefits of having emollient properties your skin will remain soft, supple and luminous as well as being able to absorb active levels of ingredients found in various formulations whilst absorbing quicker into the skin. Phospholipids are able to perform all of this due to their unique shape which is a head and two tails which carry water and aid the growth of protein particles and developing liposomes. You will also find that is multi-talented ingredient has antioxidant benefits, ensuring the outer surface of the face is functioning correctly and combating any signs of free radical damage.

Side effects of Phospholipids

Due to phospholipids naturally occurring in the body you can expect to find no known side effects when applied topically to the skin. Performing a patch test for 24 hours before is still advised for precautionary action.


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