Ceramide EOP

Ceramide EOP

Quick Facts

  • Lipids that have a waxy texture and found on the outer layer of the skin
  • They are the “gooey” stuff found between your skin cells and make up the all over matrix of the skin
  • Supports and protects the skin barrier keeping it healthy and hydrated
  • Are able to form a “water-proof” protective layer on the skin surface 

Who can use it?

Seeing as it is naturally found on the outer layers of the skin, everyone is able to use ceramide EOP. If you have any skin concerns however, do seek the advice of a doctor or dermatologist.

What is Ceramide EOP?

Naturally occurring in the skin, Ceramide EOP, also known as ceramide 1 is part of the extracellular matrix that consist of mainly lipids, these waxy molecules are found between the skin cells resulting in them playing a vital role in keeping the skin surface healthy and hydrated. There are over 340 specific species of ceramides found, and ceramide EOP is the first to be identified in labs in 1982, it has a unique structure which is enriched in fatty acids, linoleic acid and can form a water-proof film on the outer layer of the skin. This helps the skin from drying out and combats any free radicals from penetrating the skin and causing some levels of damage.

Side effects of Ceramide EOP?

No known side effects as this ingredient naturally found on the skin. It is still a good idea to perform a patch test with any new products you introduce into your daily skincare routine.

Scientific Evidence of Ceramide EOP?

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