Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)


  • CAS number: N/A
  • Origin(s): Synthetic, Fruits, Plants.
  • INCI name: N/A


  • AHAs are a chemical exfoliant that have become hugely popular in recent years
  • They are formulated into a number of skincare products, the most popular are liquid exfoliating toners and serums
  • There are a large amount of acid carrying unique skin benefits meaning there is an acid suitable for every skin type
  • They can exfoliant the skin by sloughing away any build-up of dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, bacteria and debris


This depends on the skin type you have and the AHA you are using. Some are gentle enough for those with dry skin to use safely, whereas others are more potent and can lead to skin irritation.


AHA is an alpha hydroxy acid form a family of a large number of different chemical exfoliants, all of which help to remove any build-up of dead skin cells and other impurities that come into contact with our face on a daily basis. Some AHAs also contain a number of unique properties meaning no matter your skin type, you will be able to find an AHA that works in your daily skincare routine. With the liquid exfoliation you will find your complexion is left glowing, healthy, hydrated with a youthful bounce. Introducing an AHA into your regime will also help boost how effective the following steps of your routine will absorb into the skin. The most common AHAs found in skincare formulations are glycolic acid, lactic acid and malic acid.


As wonderful as AHAs are for the skin, overusing them or using them incorrectly can result in the skin becoming irritated and stripped of vital oils and water resulting in a number of skin concerns, from redness, rashes and breakouts.


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