Why Your Natural Deodorant Isn’t Working?

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You’ve made the conscious decision to change up your deodorant and gone for a natural one. But worryingly you’ve noticed it’s not working and isn’t delivering the results you hoped for. Here are a few tips to ensure your natural deodorant is working for you properly.

Detoxing your armpits

It may be one of the stranger things you will do in your life, however getting the best results from your natural deodorant does mean performing a detox for your armpits. This can take up to 1-2 weeks. Transitioning from conventional deodorants to natural will need that time to allow the skin to remove any chemicals and toxins that have previously been trapped in body. Noticing extra sweat and odour to begin with is perfectly normal and you will find that the body will natural balance itself out after the detox. It is then you will be able to use the natural deodorant with full confidence that it will keep you dry and smelling great!

Using the correct amount

Goldilocks had the right idea, not too much, not too little, just right! With natural deodorants having a slight stigma attached of not working properly, you may be applying a little bit too much product. This will in actual fact work against you as the extra product won’t absorb well and instead sit on the skin causing the bacteria in the underarms to react and end up giving off an odour. Follow the instructions you find on the label about the best amount to use and you won’t have any issues at all! 

Deodorant Balm Application

Natural deodorants are amazing to use, healthy and do their job correctly, but there’s more work to them than just a quick swipe and run. Once you have finished in the shower ensure your underarms are fully dry. Any leftover water and damp skin will really affect how the product is absorbed into the skin and so therefore will end up not working for you! It may be a little crude, but rubbing the product into the underarms until it is fully absorbed will also aid the results of the deodorant! Don’t forget to wash your hands after applying the product to keep bacteria and dirt out of the jar!

Switch it up

Understandably this may seem like a waste of time, however switching up your natural deodorants will benefit you in the long run. With natural products such as essential oils, there is a high chance your skin will become used to these ingredients and so therefore mean your natural deodorant will stop working. Keeping about two different deodorants containing various ingredients will ensure they work and your skin doesn’t get ‘used’ to the products.

Wear natural fibres

Another reason your deodorant may not be working would be due to the clothes you wear. It may be something you haven’t considered before, but our armpits are in constant contact with fabric of the clothes we wear. It isn’t a shock to find that man mad fibres in tops can in fact cause you to perspire more and therefore result in your deodorant to not perform well. Wearing natural fibres such as cotton, will give your skin the chance to breath and so therefore won’t sweat too much! If you prefer not to wear natural fibre clothes, instead opt for looser fitting tops, especially around the arms and underarms.


Whether it’s important meeting panic or first date nerves, all these lifestyle factors can all mean your natural deodorant doesn’t work properly. This is perfectly normal and can’t be changed or stopped. But you are able to do a couple of things to help if you need it. For example, take your deodorant out with you and reapply when you can, don’t forget to wash your underarms to get the best protection from perspiration. You could also take a change of tops or even perfume to help conceal any odour you may have.

Skin sensitivity

Natural deodorant is no doubt the best option for using on your armpits, however, some people do experience skin sensitivity due to the bicarbonate of soda in the product. This can be due to applying the deodorant on shortly after shaving and getting a shaving rash! This can be stopped if you wait about 10 minutes after shaving and applying deodorant, this gives your skin time to calm down naturally without anything that may cause irritation and skin sensitivity.

Your DNA

You found a natural deodorant you absolutely adore, but you find it isn’t liking you as much, this could be down to the ingredients and essential oils found in it. These are fabulous to have in a deodorant, but the trouble will be the fact your body doesn’t react well with them. For example, lavender may be one of your favourite scents, unfortunately it doesn’t work for your body! Instead try out another couple of products with different essentials oils and ingredients, no doubt you will find one that suits your body better.

Your diet

One last reason your deodorant may not be working could be due to a change of your diet. Foods such as curry and garlic are very strong and an odour is released with your sweat. If you have noticed this and have eaten a lot of that type of food recently this could be the reason for your deodorant to not be working.

So there you have few reasons for why your natural deodorant isn’t working, we hope that some of the tips and tricks will be able to help you sort any problem you may be having.

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