What Stage in your Skin Care Routine Should you Use a Nose Strip?

What Stage in your Skin Care Routine Should you Use a Nose Strip?

The funny thing about nose strips is the fact they are one of the most popular skincare products but continue to divide beauty experts and fans opinions right down the middle.

Some adore them and achieve their flawless complexion thanks to them, while others avoid them like the plague. My understanding is that however long nose strips have been circulating the beauty shelves, a full understanding of how they work, who they work for and when to use them is still shrouded in mystery for many of us.

Which is why today I have dug into some investigating and with any luck, I have the answers for you- so let’s get stuck in and find out more about what stage in your skincare routine should you use a nose strip?

Should I wash my face before or after a nose strip?

Yes, you need to wash your face before and sometimes after using a nose strip. When you are applying a nose or any pore strip to the skin you need to ensure it is on cleansed skin. This is important as the skin can carry a number of impurities on the surface such as pollution, debris, bacteria and excess sebum. By applying any product onto dirty skin will result in you trapping all that guck and it can even be pushed further down into the pores making it become inflamed or develop into various breakouts, such as blackheads and spots.

You must also ensure your skin is wet when applying a nose strip so after cleansing would be the optimal time to do so! The question of whether you need to wash your skin after applying a nose strip is down to the specific instructions of the product used. A majority of the time you will find there are different facial acids, such as the potent salicylic acid and glycolic acid blended into the formulas and washing them off will prevent the skin from becoming too dry, tight and irritated.

What do you put on your face after nose strip?

After removing a nose strip you will find your skin would feel sensitive so it is best to avoid using anything containing high percentages of AHAs and BHAs as this can be too much for the skin and result in a number of problems, from redness to breakouts. That doesn’t however mean you can’t apply anything to the skin that can help keep it clean and clear. It's best to opt for ingredients that are non-comedogenic, meaning they will not clog the pores. Hydrating skin favourites such as hyaluronic acid can help moisturise the skin and give the complexion a boost, especially after using a nose or pore strip as this removes any barrier of debris blocking the way for nourishing ingredients to absorb into the skin helping you see result quicker.

How do I prepare my skin for a pore strip?

For oily skin types it is best to cleanse the skin before using a gel-like formula that is not foaming (the foam can strip the skin of all vital oil needed to keep it remaining healthy and comfortable) As for dry skin, before considering to use any type of nose strip, you must consult a dermatologist or skin professional to establish whether your skin would be happy for you to use any. As effective as these products can be for oily and blemish-prone skin types they can be too harsh for those with a dry and sensitive skin type.

Top tips of preparing your skin for a pore strip:

  1. Cleanse the skin using a product that is appropriate for your skin type.
  2. Avoiding any foaming products or harsh ingredients as this can be too much for the skin and result in it becoming dry.
  3. Apply a nose strip to wet skin to help it adhere to the curves of your nose and other features better.
  4. Never apply a nose strip to skin when it has not been cleansed.

This is really dependant on the type of skin you have as the level of ingredients should be considered carefully to ensure you do not overwork the skin and cause any unwanted reactions.

Should I moisturise after a nose strip?

Yes absolutely, as I have mentioned previously make sure you are using ingredients that will not clog the pores, shea butter is highly moisturising for very dry skin but is notorious at clogging pores and creating blackheads and spots from a build-up of product. Having said that, you should not leave your skin without any product after using a nose strip. Instead choose light-weight serums containing humectant ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to help draw in moisture from the areas surrounding your face and locking hydration into your skin, this will help by combating any dryness that can occur after using a pore strip.

When you remove a nose strip you disrupt the skin’s protective barrier for a short while by stripping away any blackheads, bacteria and other impurities in a very fast motion. By helping restoring balance back to the skin with hydrating serums and moisturisers you are filling in the gaps of the barrier allowing it to function correctly again and fight off any damage caused by free radicals, such as UV exposure, pollution and other environmental skin stresses.

What happens if you leave a nose strip on for too long?

If you leave a nose strip on the skin for too long you will find that once you try and remove the nose strip, you will end up taking more than you bargained for. By this I mean not only will you pull away blackheads, but the top layer of the skin too! By removing too much skin from the outer surface of the face you leave it vulnerable to all manner of skin damage, from increased sun sensitivity, exposure to bacteria and other skin ageing factors.

You will find your skin will feel tight, appear bright red and perhaps sore to the touch. This is why it is very important to pay close attention to the instructions stated on the packaging of the product. If you have any concerns, big or small about using a nose strip then you should consult your doctor or medical professional for extra peace of mind.

I hope that those are the answers you have been looking for today, don’t forget if you ever have a question, or just fancy a chat about skincare, you can find me over on our Instagram! Our DMs are always open to fellow skincare fans!

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