Difference Between Sheet Masks and Clay Masks?

Difference Between Sheet Masks and Clay Masks?

Face masks have been a staple part of many people’s beauty regime, however sheet masks have very much gone under the radar, as a Korean beauty secret. Well the lid is officially off, with people flocking towards this modern mask as a face-shaped alternative, but there is still a large amount of confusion on the difference between face masks and sheet masks, therefore we thought we would dive into the information a bit deeper.

Whatever mask you are using, such as our charcoal face mask, the main aim is to eliminate impurities and remove trapped dirt and dead cells, help skin to glow and radiate as well as helping with acne issues. Charcoal extracts impurities from the skin and is incredibly powerful at this, however sheet masks have the main focus of adding moisture to the skin.

This is why so many sheet masks contain serums, as they can help add the much needed moisture back into the skin. While face masks sit flatly on and need to be washed off after use, you don’t need to wash a sheet mask off, as they contain moisturising ingredients that will remain beneficial to your face after usage.

The sheet itself is very much useful, not just for making it a clean and easy process. It also helps to push the nutrients into your skin, so they can be absorbed more efficiently.

So they both are beneficial, but they offer slightly different benefits. Sheet masks will hydrate the skin and face masks exfoliate and remove anything from your pores. Sheets can prevent pigmentation, so your pores close up, while wash off masks offer a deeper clean.

Much the same as the face version, mud masks most certainly need washing off afterwards, as otherwise they will block the pores, which would remove any benefit gained from their usage.

Another consideration is that both will have a short lifespan once opened, therefore you need to use it quickly. However a sheet mask can be used all in one go, whereas a face mask can be split into separate sessions.

Something else to ponder over when buying a sheet mask is the ingredients used. There are some key ingredients you will want to see, but you also want to make sure they don’t use cheap fillers, which can actually have a negative effect on the skin. Most big brands you will be fine with, but be cautious if it seems incredibly cheap, there is normally a reason for this.

In conclusion, both have unbelievable benefits as part of your beauty regime, you shouldn’t think of it as one or the other, they can both help. But you need to consider what you are hoping to achieve and how you want to help your skin, before making a purchase. Sheet masks are also limited to your face (due to the shape), however wash off masks can be used all over the body to great effect and for various different skin conditions.


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