What is Marula Oil and What Are It’s Skincare Benefits?

What is Marula Oil and What Are It’s Skincare Benefits?

If you haven’t heard of Marula oil before it’s nothing to be ashamed about as it is the new trending ingredient making its way into our skin and hair routines. So stick around if you want to find out more about the new “it” ingredient you will be finding everywhere soon.

What is Marula oil made from?

You can find Marula oil from two sources of the Marula tree, it can be extracted from the soft kernel seeds of the Marula fruit or its nut. This oil has a diverse selection of uses, from cooking oil, hair products, beauty and skincare as well as used as a  massage oil. It is, however, unusual to find Marula oil as a single, natural ingredient and is often blended with other natural and essential oils as well as other skincare ingredients. 

Is Marula oil bad for skin?

It really depends on which skin type you have that will determine the results you see when using Marula as it is known as a comedogenic, meaning it does have the ability to clog pores which generally leads to an outbreak of spots, blackheads and other breakouts. If you have a skin that tends to be problematic, oily and blemish-prone it is best to give Marula oil a miss and instead look for an oil that is non-comedogenic.

To ensure your skin is getting the best out of this skin-changing ingredient it is best to follow a skincare routine that includes cleansing the skin daily of any build-up of debris, bacteria and leftover product including some exfoliation, be it from using a physical scrub or chemical exfoliant that contains an AHA or BHA, such as glycolic or salicylic acid.

How do you use Marula oil on your face?

Marula oil is regularly formulated into products which contain other oils and ingredients that help benefit the skin in many ways. Applying Marula oil to the skin is quite a simple step in your daily routine as the most potent products are either face oils, serums or moisturisers which are applied in the latter part of the skin routine once the skin has been fully cleansed. Serums and oils that remain on the skin for a longer amount of time will deeply penetrate the skin, reaching the lower layers giving a boost to the production of collagen. The longer they stay on, the better and you will really notice a difference in the overall complexion of your face.

What is the benefit of Marula oil?

Marula oil is a lightweight, fast-absorbing oil full of antioxidants and packed full of fatty acids. It is extremely moisturising and helps to restore the hydration in the skin making it a clever anti-ageing ingredient too. This oil also contains a lot of vitamin C and E and will neutralise free radicals that target the skin from environmental aggressors like pollution, sun exposure and climate. Here is a full list of the benefits you may experience from using Marula oil.

  • Hydrates and moisturises the skin
  • Protects against UV rays and prevents sun damage
  • Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  • Is fast-absorbing and lightweight on the skin
  • Contains vitamin C and E that combat environmental stresses
  • Contains a lot of fatty acids
  • Contains a lot of anti-ageing properties
  • Can benefit face, body and hair

Marula oil is also able to help restore the skin’s protective barrier which can encounter a number of factors that deplete the levels of waters and oils in the skin. These keep the barrier functioning properly and able to provide the protection the skin needs whilst stimulating the production of collagen and promoting an all-over youthful complexion.

A pretty impressive list of benefits wouldn’t you agree? It’s no wonder dermatologists and skin experts have fallen head over heels in love with this on-trend oil and certainly explains why you will find it’s being formulated into a huge number of skin and hair care products, from face oils, serums and professional treatments.

Can I use Marula oil under eyes?

With its high concentrates of vitamin C and E, you will find that applying Marula oil to the under-eye will diminish the signs of dark circles and undereye bags. You can also mix a few drops of the oil with a hyaluronic acid serum and gently apply it on the under eyes, around the outer corners and onto the eyelids. Remembering to use your ring finger as you naturally apply less pressure to the delicate eye area. You may be pleasantly surprised by how simple the application is and just how quickly the oil will absorb into the skin, as around our eyes it is considerably thinner than the rest of the face. Marula will hydrate and moisturise the skin ironing out any signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, which usually begin to first appear around the eyes.

Does Marula oil help with wrinkles?

Absolutely! What’s great about Marula oil is the fact it is an antioxidant meaning it can combat any free radicals that can cause damage to the skin and increase the signs of premature ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles will also become more noticeable when your skin is on the dry side so slathering yourself in Marula oil will give your parched and aged-looking skin a super boost in hydration, leaving it looking smoother and wonderfully glowing!

Teaming Marula oil with another skincare product that contains either an AHA or BHA will also give the skin an additional helping hand in the overall look of the complexion and you will be amazed at how quickly you will see results.


So now you are a little more familiar with the skincare ingredient that is taking over the beauty world, one bottle at a time. You may find that Marula oil has been the missing ingredient your skincare regime has desperately needed and by using it in products that remain on the skin for a longer amount of time, especially in the evening before you climb into bed, you will literally sleep your way into younger ad healthy-looking skin.


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