What Is Cuffing Season?

cuffing season

I know, it sounds a lot kinkier than it actually is. But the term ‘cuffing season’ is actually the period of time in autumn and winter where single people start looking for a relationship, or someone to ‘tie them down’ and ‘cuff them’. Yep, it still sounds kinky, but it’s nothing of the sort.

Many people enjoy being single during the summer, with all the wild festivals and holidays, embracing the sun and fun times. Yet as the leaves start to brown and the bikini is swapped for a cardigan, the mind starts to wonder about someone to snuggle up to on the sofa, with a hot chocolate and a nice movie.

Many of us are romantics at heart and the winter time always feels like such a sweet period to be in a relationship, with the adventure around Christmas markets (plus plenty of hot Bailey’s and mulled wine). However after a relaxing summer, many come out of it suddenly feeling a little lonely and on the hunt for someone to make them feel special.

However its not just the romantic nature which has an effect, it is also effected by the fact you tend to spend more time inside as it gets colder. No more group bbq parties in the park or on the beach, now is the time to stay in as its chilly outside. With this comes that inevitable boredom which will kick in, when you start to question whether having someone in your life will help you to feel more complete.

It should be stated that this isn’t just an off the cuff term, or a made up term by a younger generation, the dating apps have the data to back it up. Many reported that messages from men on dating apps increased by 15-20% during Autumn compared to any other period of the year.

I mean, nothing is worse than seeing all your friends couple up and post all these romantic pictures on Instagram of their sweet adventures together while you’re feeling glum on the sofa.

While this is a relatively newly coined term (who knows exactly when and where it started), it has been massively featured in media pieces over the past couple of years. From radio time to celebrities using the term on their social profiles, it is definitely becoming a more regular term in our vocabulary.

What is also interesting is that most babies are born between July and August, which, as long as my maths is on course, means people were trying to conceive just as cuffing season is in full force.

In fact, if you want something fun to do, switch the office Spotify or YouTube to a cuffing season playlist. They have a HUGE amount of them, all with songs to get you in the mood for a relationship (however you define that type of music). Then again, I will miss the summer tunes, they always make me feel upbeat, I mean what can beat a bit of Bob Marley?

So how have you felt during this period? Have you just heard the term or is this a yearly emotion for you? Well, before you head out on that date, make sure to put on some natural deodorant.


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