What is Cream Skin? The New Korean Beauty Trend For 2020

What is Cream Skin? The New Korean Beauty Trend For 2020

Cream skin has been dubbed the big skincare trend for 2020, it has been said that beauty forecasters have set their sights on this look and it is full steam ahead. But what is cream skin? Will it work for you and your skin? How do you achieve the look? Well, fear not as I am here to clear all this up and help you try out the latest beauty craze for yourself.

What Is Cream Skin?

You may be aware of the 2019 skin trend of glass skin, the ultimate glowing skin finish. This look has come straight from Korean skincare, a routine we have all become besotted with which requires a multitude of layering lotions, serums, essence, toners, moisturisers, sheet masks, the list is endless. The result? A face that screams health and fresh out of a spa gleam. It has featured countlessly on the catwalks of last year and in editorial shoots. The look was so popular it made its way into everyday lives, with us attempting it at least once. Even if it did look as though we had been in a water fight…

Cream skin is a modern tweak and is proving to be a look which is a lot easier to achieve. Don’t be fooled by the name, it isn’t a thick layer of product, quite the opposite as the number of products used to get the look is a lot less than that of the glass skin routine.

There is another trend running adjacent to the cream skin, and that is stripping back our skincare routines. For a long, while now the time, effort and amount of products used in our regimes have slowly got more elaborate and somewhat all-consuming. Now, I don’t know about you, but to have such a laborious routine, especially after a long day, completely takes the fun out of it. The cream skin crazed has timed itself perfectly and we can put the brakes on this over the top 10 steps (maybe more) routine!

How Do You Get Cream Skin?

In comparison to its predecessor starting with 10 products, cream skin whittles the whole affair of cleansing down to no more than 3, should you choose to keep it as the basic, most simple routine.

  1. Start with a deeply cleansed face. Removing all traces of makeup and dirt by using a creamy, none foaming cleanser and warm flannel to wipe away the residue. This will leave the skin soft and pores cleared ready for the next step.
  2. Next take an exfoliating milky toner on a cotton disc, gently work it across the face avoiding the eye area. Let the toner do the work for you so don’t worry about having to rub it in.
  3. The next step is really up to you, but you will notice some hydration back to the skin if you use a serum, especially if it contains Hyaluronic acid.
  4. The final step is to use a lightweight lotion or balm to moisturise the skin and give dewy look, but not the mega-watt glow of the glass skin look. The Skin Defence Balm is great for nourishing the skin without it being clogged with too much product being layered too thick on the skin.
  5. Other steps such as eye creams, lip care, face masks would be a wonderful addition to the routine should you feel the need, but isn't necessary. 

The steps you take after this is also up to you, embrace the healthy glow of your new ‘Cream Skin’ or apply some makeup. If you do decide to go for makeup though, keep the products like and creamy. From a CC cream to cream blusher and highlight. Try and avoid knocking away all that hard work you put into achieving a cream skin by making it a matte finish with full coverage makeup.

What Difference Will I See in My Skin When Using Cream Skin Routine?

If you have become accustomed to a skincare routine that requires several steps, you may feel slightly hesitant about the simple, stripped-back cream skin idea. That being said, you will be surprised to know that your skin won’t be any worse off in terms of how it looks and feels. It will love you for it to be perfectly honest, mastering a simple routine, with the right products and ingredients will keep your face looking and feeling flawless! As the saying goes “less is more” and keeping everything simple will be the answer to any skin concerns you may be having.

Is Cream Skin Here To Stay?

So as the beauty forecasters have noted the shift in slimming down our beauty routines it will be interesting to see the change in how we all start to shop for our skincare products. With a less is more approach searching for products that give you the results they describe on their beautiful packaging. Whether you prefer a more natural routine with plant extracts and products that are a lot more botanical, or you like a touch of science and opt for those astonishingly clever acids and ingredients.

Whatever it is, you’ll be amazed at how your skin will look with a little more time taken into finding the right products for you and your skin, and less time having to apply it. Leaving you with a lot more spare time for more important things, like really enjoying your morning coffee!




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