What Foods & Drinks Should I Avoid To Stop My Teeth Going Yellow?

red wine

The reason why we sell activated charcoal teeth whitening is not because it directly whitens your teeth, in the way that a hydrogen peroxide product would, it is because its unbelievable at absorbing and extracting stains from the teeth, returning it to its natural colour. This is the reason why it is such a popular and more natural alternative to chemical based teeth whitening kits.

However there are a number of foods and drinks you should try to avoid if you would prefer to keep your teeth in a shiny white condition, which are highlighted below:

1) Coffee

Well that one was obvious. It might wake us up in the morning, but if you are drinking 3 by midday then don’t be surprised if your teeth are becoming stained. The teeth absorb the dark colour due to the outer layer of the tooth being incredibly porous (spongy in layman terms).

2) Curry

My favourite food in the world, I couldn’t imagine living life without curry, but it has to be said it is a regular suspect when it comes to discolouration of the teeth.

3) Red Wine

They say it’s the worst thing you can drop on your carpet as it will permanently stain and is used in TV adverts on a daily basis. Well swap out those carpets for your teeth and you have an image why they are always highlighted for their negative aspects. An occasional glass of red wine isn’t too bad, but it is important to be aware of the staining effects it will have.

4) Soy Sauce

This is one many people don’t know about, but again it comes back to its dark colours which remain on the teeth for an extended period of time. Don’t hesitate to put some on your stir fry, but maybe consider how much you are adding.

5) Lemon Juice

Lemons are incredibly healthy and should be a staple part of the diet (well, added to hot water or over food, not munched on as a snack). However due to the extremely acidic nature of this fruit, it can heavily erode the enamel, which will inevitably create a yellow colouration.

6) Food Dye

If it can paint your food, it can paint your teeth. Often found in icing and in cakes, this is a common culprit for the teeth.

7) Tea

We highlighted coffee, which everyone knows, but some don’t realise that tea is often considered worse than coffee for discolouration, with the quantity of tannins. It should also be stated that green tea is another one that will have an effect.

8) Sugary Drinks

While a sugary drink is an obvious one, a tip I wanted to add was using a straw in order to pass the liquid by the teeth and straight into the mouth and down the throat without potentially damaging the enamel.

9) Balsamic Vinegar

Once again, another dark coloured liquid, there is a theme here! Well for many of the same reasons it has made this list, with its deep pigmentation.

10) Beetroot

Finish eating beetroot and you will have a mouth redder than drinking a pint of red wine! It is the no-go on a date or while out in public, as it will leave you mouth looking like a scene from a horror movie.

11) Cherries

I want to double up and remind you this is a list of foods and drinks that stain your teeth, but I still recommend eating and drinking many of these. Cherries are a berry full of antioxidants and vitamins, however they are one of the most guilty berries for discolouration.

So, if you eat or drink any of these, the important thing to remember is to have a quick glass of water directly after and swish it around your mouth. This won’t remove it all, maybe 50%, but it will certainly help.

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