What Does EGCG Do For Skin?

What Does EGCG Do For Skin?

EGCG, formally known as epigallocatechin gallate and is a plant-based compound called catechin. Used in health supplements and skincare products this rich antioxidant provides a lot of beneficial properties for your skin and overall health. EGCG is found in green tea extract, which you have no doubt heard of and seen in an array of products from tea, to face masks. So let’s dive into more details about this powerhouse ingredient.

What is EGCG?

You will find EGCG in the more commonly known as green tea extract, EGCG has been credited for its antioxidant abilities to prevent any skin-damaging free radicals to find their way onto your face and cause a huge number of problems. Pollution, environmental stresses, even UV rays target the skin and cause damage resulting in premature ageing, blemishes, uneven skin tone and texture. It is thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits of EGCG that make it one of the lesser-known but ultimately adored skincare ingredient.

What is EGCG in skincare?

Rich and nourishing to the skin EGCG combats a number of skin concerns and demonstrates a wide selection of healing properties such as:

  • Anti-oxidant- When an antioxidant is a key ingredient in a skincare product you will find that any concerns with ageing, dullness and blemishes become less noticeable and are treated effectively in rapid time. It’s similar to wearing a raincoat in a sudden downpour meaning your skin is protected from anything that may encounter throughout the day.
  • Anti-inflammatory- This will help keep the skin calm and other concerns such as redness reduced. Ideal for combating breakouts by decreasing the size and redness often found with active spots and acne.
  • Anti-androgenic- This means that the lipids levels in the skin are lowered and excess sebum is reduced and prevented from clogging pores. This results in breakouts, such as spots and blackheads are reduced due to EGCG slowing down the development of spots.

There are the key benefits of EGCG that will help keep your skin looking healthy and feeling balanced with great clarity and smooth complexion. You may notice that green tea extract is usually found in serum or face mask. Simply drinking a green tea in the mornings you will also do the world of good for your skin.

Is EGCG safe?

Yes, EGCG is relatively safe to use as long as you follow the supplement intake instructions and do not exceed the daily dosage. In regards to EGCG found in skincare, there are no side effects to the skin if you have performed a 24-hour patch test to ensure your skin can cope and have the tolerance for green tea extract. If you have any concerns with using EGCG it is advised to have a consultation with your GP or dermatologist before applying any product to the entire face.

What is green tea extract?

Green tea extract is a supplement derived from the green tea plant. There are several compounds concentrates found in it such as antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamins. You will find green tea extract is a herbal tea to drink, in capsules and powder form. It is with the latter you must be cautious of over-consuming as green tea powder can cause some problems with the liver and how it functions properly.

You will also find that green tea extract is found in skincare products that have been formulated to help with problematic, blemish-prone skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can protect the skin and reduce the size of spots whilst calming any redness to the skin.

How can I use green tea on my face?

There are a few ways of including green tea extract in your skincare routine. You may find there is green tea extract in some of your tried and tested products, it is available in a variety of different ones, from face mist, serums, face masks and washes.

There are also various at-home recipes for you to try which you will find an abundance of online, one of the most popular being ice cubes of green tea rubbed onto the face during your morning routine. The cold from the ice cube will help with puffiness and the antioxidant benefits of the green tea will help protect the skin from premature ageing, UV damage, redness and irritation. Not to mention the high effectiveness of fighting off any spot-causing bacteria.

Is EGCG the same as green tea extract?

You will find EGCG is a plant-based compound, commonly known as catechins, is found in green tea extract. One won’t exist without the other and can benefit the skin through topical application and from ingesting it in your diet. There has been no evidence to show that consuming green tea as a drink throughout the day will cause any side effects but instead will allow your body to absorb the EGCG quicker, some people are known to drink two or four cups of green tea a day, though due to it not having the same amount of caffeine in it as regular tea or coffee, green tea will not have the added energy boost.

EGCG is high performing and benefits the skin many ways, it can come in many forms so finding the best product, supplement or tea that suits you and your lifestyle. Much like everything new you are introducing into your diet and to your skin, consult your doctor or dermatologist for more advice on the best steps forward. Now, please excuse us as we go and put the kettle on!

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