What Are The Main Benefits Of Using A Sheet Mask?

This Korean phenomenon has taken the media and beauticians by storm, as everyone is placing sheet masks upon themselves in multiple different colours. But is it just a passing trend or is this the new go-to in our skincare routine? Well we thought we would list all the benefits to having a sheet mask.


The main point of a sheet mask is to hydrate the skin, containing all the ingredients in the ideal formula for your needs. They are packed full of serum, which get deep into the skin and carry an incredibly high concentration of active ingredients. This can help to reduce the image of wrinkles and lines on the skin.

An analogy someone once told us, which we loved, was that your skin is like a fish, it constantly needs water to survive, therefore hydration is critical.

Look out for ingredients like squalene, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, rice bran oil and macadamia oil, all of which have been proven to help with bringing moisture to th

No Mess

We are very proud of our charcoal face mask, but once you get to the end you have to go through the process of cleaning it all of the face, to remove any of the ingredients and ensure your pores close. With some products that stick very closely to the face, this can be an uncomfortable process (fortunately not ours, due to our formula breakdown).

However, with a sheet mask there is no mess as you place it cleanly on the face, with the sheet being in the shape of your face. Then you don’t need to take it off at the end, as the serum continues to sink into the skin and take effect, like a moisturiser would. 

No Where To Go

With the formula packed closely onto the skin, pushed on by the sheet, it has no where to go but be absorbed into the skin. This is however another reason why we highlight the importance of preparation beforehand, exfoliating to open up the pores and clean off the dead skin cells and oil off the surface of your skin. Other masks might evaporate, but sheet masks are a winner for absorption.

Clean & Hygienic

With any beauty product, they can become unsanitary as time passes, as bacteria can grow on them as we touch them or use them. Think of it this way, you might have dirt on your hands, therefore each time you place your fingers in a product it could be spreading bacteria, which is then placed on your skin. The benefit of using a sheet mask is that it has a one time usage, meaning it is much more hygienic than any of its counterparts.

No More Guesswork

We often get asked how much of each of our products you should be using. We try to label our products as best as possible, but it can still be a confusing process, especially if trying something new. With sheet masks, there is no more guesswork, as the precise amount you require is placed in each sheet.

Youthful Glow

When young we all had that natural glow to our face, however this tends to decrease with age. Well certain ingredients in sheet masks can tackle this ussue and offer a brighter complexion. Some to look out for include Vitamin C, liquorice root extract or niacinamide.

Great For Sensitive Skin

Many people suffer from sensitive skin, making the process of picking items for their skincare routine can be problematic. Well sheet masks don’t require as many preservatives as other products such as moisturisers and related creams, therefore you will have a much lower chance of irritation. 

Acne Tackling

Beyond hydration of the skin, many turn to sheet masks for the added benefits and ingredients included to tackle acne, such as charcoal or green tea. Procoal is an activated charcoal beauty brand, therefore we know a fair amount about activated charcoal!

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