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We know this is a little typical of us to talk about starting the new year in the right way and making healthy decisions. Don’t worry, our jeans are a little, well, a lot on the tight side too! The healthy and natural mix up doesn’t need to necessarily need to only benefit the waist line. Skin and hair care appreciate the added natural help and will really thrive! So, having said this we have decided to share with you the best magazines for natural health.


Natural Lifestyle Magazine

Natural Lifestyle Magazine has you covered from head to toe, literally. With a tip or trick on what to buy or something to make to help you target any concerns you may be having with your beauty routine. Don’t be mistaken, it is not only dedicated to women’s selfcare, there are a number of men’s health and beauty care to ensure everyone’s concerns are looked after.


Eating Well

Just a little head’s up, you will be ravenous once you’ve looked through this magazine! Packed to the brim with amazing looking recipes, full of colour and flavour and all healthy! There is so much useful information about weight loss that is easy for anyone to achieve, especially once the New Year determination starts to dwindle. You will find the recipes are easy and super tasty so it won’t even feel like you’re dieting!


Real Simple Magazine

Admittedly this isn’t the most ‘natural’ magazine out there, but we absolutely love the selection and various topics that are covered. You won’t be able to stop yourself from reading everything. This magazine would be perfect for tips and tricks for someone who wants to dip a toe into the natural health life, having a test drive before take the plunge.


Natural Solutions Magazine

Natural Solutions Magazine is a wonderland of all things natural, from beauty boosting broths, to helping care for your children and their eye sight. The main subjects you will find on this site are beauty, food and health care for all the family. It’s relaxed feel to their site makes surfing through the articles very easy and you are left being well informed and full of knowledge without really realising it due to no medical and complicated mumbo jumbo.


Healthy Magazine

Whether you are on the hunt for a tasty winter warming soup, or wondering how you can rid yourself of a bloated tummy, Healthy Magazine is the place to go. With every topic covered and believe us when we tell you, once you click on an article you will be there for a good while, until you realise you are reading up about how to make your own hair salt spray and three hours has passed! Take a look for yourself and get lost in this yoga stretching, beauty DIY-ing world, you’ll never want to return.


Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health Magazine is the place to go for the best information on natural skincare and beauty products. With lists of their top favourite products, at home recipes and even articles explaining various ingredients you find in the pots you find on your night stand.  You will be a natural skincare expert in no time at all!


We reckon that is enough reading material for you to work your way through. Using snippets of what you learn from each of these magazines will become a huge help for you to remain as healthy as you can. Your body will appreciate it I am sure, keeping up a nutritious diet and drinking enough water will mean not only will your jeans fit better, your skin will be clear and hair super glossy. Something everyone will appreciate, Happy reading!


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