The Basic Difference Between Sheet Masks & Wash off Face Masks

The Basic Difference Between Sheet Masks & Wash off Face Masks

Sheet mask or face mask, whichever you prefer to use, they are fantastic products to use to help with skin concerns. There are many differences between sheet masks and face masks, shaping which one you should pick for optimal results, so here are 10 for you to take a look at!

1. Packaging Sheet Masks Vs. Face Masks

Face masks usually come packaged in a pot or tube and are usually reusable, compared to a sheet mask which comes packaged for single use. This does mean sheet masks are slightly more hygienic compared to face mask as the risk of using unwashed hands can spread germs and infections. On the other hand, the downside is having to restock more often.

2. Exfoliating Sheet Masks Vs. Face Masks

If you are after exfoliation, the best mask to go for is a clay-based face mask. Due to the ingredients in face masks and how they are applied and dry will result in slight exfoliation. Sheet masks strong point is the fact they are moisturising and hydrating, the fact they are made from a sheet of paper or natural fibre will result in them not helping with exfoliating.

2. Removing Sheet Masks Vs. Face Masks

Application and removing also vary between face masks and sheet masks. Face masks require you to apply it all over the face with your fingers or tool. The removal can become a tad messy seeing as warm water and flannel is the best way to take the mask off once it is all dry. Sheet masks in comparison are applied and removed in basically the same way by placing the sheet, whether it be paper or natural fibre.

3. Ingredients Sheet Masks Vs. Face Masks

As mentioned previously, the ingredients that makeup face masks and sheet mask vary. Face masks usually have a main ingredient of clay, due to its ability to dry hard onto the skin and all the skin boosting properties. For sheet masks, the main base is the sheet itself, whether paper or a bio cellulose mask which is made up of natural fibre such a coconut pulp etc. The enriched serum is then soaked into the sheet which is then packaged ready for your use. Depending on the concerns you have with your skin will mean a clay-based face mask or sheet mask will be the best for you. You just need to remember face masks are great for congested and blemish prone skin, and sheet masks are ideal for dry skin types and anyone who needs extra hydration.

4. Mix and match

One brilliant benefit of using face masks would be the option to mix and match where you apply the mask. For example, if you find you have blemishes in certain areas, apply the mask to those areas to treat and calm the inflammations. You can apply as many face masks as you wanted to the face, each treating different concerns. This is a defiant plus on the face mask side compared to a sheet mask which is applied all over the face and not topically.

5. Use Sheet Masks Vs. Face Masks

With the benefit of mixing your own concoction with face masks, the downside to this is you are not able to use a cream or clay-based face mask every day. This would be too much for your skin and could result in drying out the skin. Sheet masks are nourishing and so are gentle enough to use every day if you wanted to, face masks are best used 2-3 times a week.

6. Get the glow

If it is an instant healthy glow you are after the best option to go for would be a sheet mask. Once the mask is removed you will find your skin is rejuvenated and looking great with a youthful glow, great to apply before make-up. You will see instant results with sheet masks were as face masks work a little slower and you will notice a great difference in your skin over time! 

7. Blemish prone skin

You may be a little hesitant about using a sheet mask with blemish prone skin, due to the fact the sheet masks are described as moisturising, something an oily skin type can be wary off due to causing flare ups. With this in mind, the best mask would be a clay based face mask. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients in helping to treat and sooth any active blemishes you currently have and will clear away any that plan to surface.

8. Sleep

Can you sleep in a face mask? Is probably one of the most popular questions we have heard here at Procoal. The answer is, depends on which mask you have on, for a clay-based mask that hardens as it dries, you will need to remove before bed. As for sheet masks, it may feel as though sleeping in them would be a great idea, unfortunately, as the sheet mask dries, the moisture that has been absorbed from the mask into the skin will start to be absorbed back! The best mask to sleep in would be a cream based one that specifics in the instructions that is perfectly safe to catch forty winks whilst using it.

9. Time Sheet Masks Vs. Face Masks

If it is a quick result you are after, sheet masks would be the answer for you seeing as the application is easy and mess free, the time it takes to leave a sheet mask on is similar to a face mask, around 15-30 minutes. The application of a face mask can be a little more time consuming, taking the product from tube/pot to face using a tool or your fingers.

10. It’s all you

In all honesty, the difference between sheet masks and face masks are large, yet the best way of finding out what is so different about them are you trying them out for yourselves. It is you and your skin who will tell what the comparisons are between them all. Try as many as you like, this will mean you find the perfect one for you!

There are 10 differences between sheet masks and face masks. Whichever you decide on they have a huge benefit to your skin and using them is an easy way to supercharge your skin and you will see the amazing results that they deliver for you.

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