Sheet Masks: The Do's and Don’ts

Sheet Masks: The Do's and Don’ts

Sheet masks have become the product to use for an at home pamper, easy  to use with amazing results. But are you sure you are using your favourite mask the correct way? Here we find out more about the dos and don’ts of using sheet masks.

Finding the right sheet mask

Do focus on what you wanted to achieve with your sheet mask, it is there to help your skin looks it’s best. Are you feeling dry at the moment? choose a mask that nourishes and hydrates, have you broken out in blemishes? Choose a mask with calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients. Always listen to how your skin is feeling and looks to get amazing results.

Don’t ignore your skin type and how it is currently feeling, you may usually have a more oily skin, but it can still become dehydrated. Finding the right mask for you at that time will benefit you in the long run.

Before applying the mask

Don’t use a sheet mask when wearing make-up. If you use a mask whilst you have sunscreen, make-up and moisturiser on it will result in your pores becoming clogged which will end with possible breakouts and inflammations.

Do clean your face thoroughly before putting on your sheet mask, you can use your usual routine of cleansing and toning, for an extra step you can also apply a serum before the mask to allow the skin to really absorb all the ingredients a lot quicker.

Applying the sheet mask

Do smooth the mask into every shape of the face to make sure the mask is on securely, you can even pull the outer sides of the mask up to help with a lifting effect to the face in the long run. If you are a man with a beard you can always trim the mask so it sits neatly above your beard, just apply the left over cloth to your neck.

Don’t forget to remove the plastic film that is usually on the mask to make it easy to pull apart. Leaving the plastic film on will create irritation to the skin as well as stop your skin from absorbing the serums and ingredients properly.

Left over residue

Don’t throw away the mask’s packaging before checking for any remaining residue.

Do apply any left over residue from the packet onto the neck, décolletage and back of hands


Do leave the mask on for the correct amount of time, it is advisable not to sleep in a sheet mask due to the fact as the sheet dries it will absorb the moisture from your skin back into the cloth. One great way of getting full use of the product is to flip over to the other side of the mask half way through.

Don’t forget to check how long you leave the mask on as different sheet masks vary, they are mostly 15-30 minutes. You can remove the mask whilst it is still moist, don’t be tempted to reuse a mask as it could transfer bacteria onto the skin.

Removing your sheet mask

Don’t wash your face after using a sheet mask, you will wash away all the wonderful ingredients you just spent the time applying!

Do pat the remaining serum onto the face, neck and décolletage, before discarding the mask why not apply it onto any dry areas of the body such as your knees or elbows.

What to do afterwards

Do continue to use your skincare routine after removing the mask, such as eye creams and night cream.

Don’t finish your skincare with a sheet mask, you may feel as though your skin has had enough care, but popping on a moisturiser will help lock in all the benefits of the ingredients from the sheet mask.

How often do I use sheet mask

Do use sheet masks from 1-3 times a week, you don’t always need to use the same type, listen to what your skin is telling you and use the sheet mask that targets the concerns best.

Don’t feel as though you have to religiously use sheet masks weekly, instead keep your favourite for a pamper evening or extra, helping boost to your skincare regime.

Using a mask in the morning

Don’t feel as though sheet masks are an evening product. You are able to use a sheet mask in the mornings also, why not choose a vitamin C rich mask to really help brighten and awaken the face for the day. Don’t forget to also apply your sunscreen after finishing your routine.

Do allow yourself enough time in the morning to leave the mask on for the right amount of time, trying to use one when you are running late or busy will become a waste.

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