Self care tips to try this weekend

Self care tips to try this weekend


TGIF! Yay you’ve gone and had another successful week under your belt! Well done you! Question is how do you plan to spend this weekend? Whether it’s painting the town red, or having a quiet time at home, we wanted to share with you some ideas on having some time for selfcare! So read on for some tips on how to relax this weekend.

Make a list

It’s the easiest thing to list off all the things you love about your friends or family members. But have you ever found it a tad tricky when you have to write a list about the things you love about yourself? Writing a list about the things you love about yourself will not only give you a boost of self-confidence, it allows you the time to slow down the pace and really think about you.  We spend the week dashing anywhere and everywhere, school runs, sprinting to catch the train, rushing to beat the traffic home, getting the dinner ready in time for a family meal, you get the idea, we live life in a rush. The simple act of writing a list will hit the big pause button, even if it's for a short while. You will collect your thoughts and reset your mind to enjoy the rest of your weekend, ready in time to dive back into a busy week!

Visit your favourite café alone

Yep, that’s right, totally alone. For some the idea of sitting in a café by themselves could be their idea of hell on earth, don’t worry I felt the same a while ago. I do think you should give it a try as you may find just how peaceful it can be. For you to sit there, with just your favourite coffee order keeping you company and nothing else to do but people watch or read a chapter or two of that book you’ve been meaning to start could be exactly what you needed to feel rested! Oh, and don’t worry, no one will look over and think “oh that poor, lonely person, don’t they have any friends?” I’m 98% certain they are thinking “oh look at that lucky devil having the time to relax and read a book, wish I could do that!”

Make breakfast

You may have double-tapped a picture of a drool-worthy picture of an impressive stack of pancakes, fry up or French toast. But why not try something wild and actually make a breakfast like that for yourself? I know right, crazy idea! But you’ll be surprised at just how many of us feel the need for a quick and convenient breakfast even at the weekend! Sites such as Pinterest are heaving with recipes for breakfasts, be it scrambled eggs or smoothie bowls. The possibilities are endless, just so long as you take the time to make it, sit down and enjoy it. You could go completely over the top and take a picture of your creation for you to share with the world.

Take a nap and not feel guilty

Now I’m not the biggest napper in the world, in fact I hardly ever do it. But that is something I would love to change if I could. I’m not talking about heading off for a dose and surfacing 5 hours later, that is never a good idea as you can have too much of a good thing and get too much sleep. The perfect amount of time for a nap is around 20-30 minutes, anything else and you can start feeling too fuzzy and will result in you feeling out of sorts. As you can imagine that is not the idea of taking a nap, perhaps try setting an alarm to prevent any oversleeping and wake up refreshed and just like new!

Try a different type of work out

Just the simple thing of changing your work out will be full of benefits! Try a spin class, or yoga, maybe even power walk around your street, whatever it is, give it try. Obviously the endorphins will get your blood pumping and walking with a spring in your step but you will also find the challenge satisfying by pushing yourself to new goals and maybe even working out those areas your usual workout doesn’t reach! 

Turn off your phone

Now, I must say, that if you are planning to head off by yourself without a working mobile, do try and tell someone from your family where you will be roughly, just to be on the safe side. You can then either leave your phone at home or take it with you, but switched off. You will be absolutely astounded at just how much you won’t miss it! You’ll find yourself really enjoying the moment and your time out and about, without looking down onto a screen. I may even be as bold to say you will find your inner self feeling a lot more calm and breathing easier without having the worry and anxious feeling of paying too much attention to the floods of online celebrities “living their best lives”

At home spa

Yep you guessed it, couldn’t speak about tips on selfcare for the weekend without of course mentioning a well-deserved pamper session! Run that bath, light those candles, have some Moby playing in the background and just switch off. You could do the full works and give your body a scrub, use a hair mask, give yourself a mani or relax with a face mask on, I’ve heard this one is particularly good at detoxifying.

So, there you have some tips on selfcare for the weekend, it really doesn’t matter what you decide to do as long as you do something that will make you happy, calm and reconnected. There is too much time spent burning the candle at both ends, worrying about our families and not having the time for yourself, sometimes a bit of you time is all you need to feel ready to take on the world!


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