Make A Mess Challenge - #MakeAMessChallenge

Make A Mess Challenge - #MakeAMessChallenge

As of the 7th December, we're proud to launch the #MakeAMessChallenge in order to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

The challenge involves coating yourself in absolutely anything you can get hold off. Whether its custard, a few eggs, or as we went for, a little bit of charcoal face mask, the aim is to get as messy as possible.

The first challenge video has called out Spaghettitraveller, James Corden and Ferdi.

James Corden is a proud ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital and has raised funds for them in the past. Plus he never hesitates to get involved in a charitable event, often known for his work for Comic Relief. Maybe he will be singing about the challenge on the next Carpool Karaoke.

Ferdi, as in 'Ferdi coming fast' became famous following the video of him being crashed into by a cyclist, while he has now launched a brand new song and has been interviewed up and down the country by the biggest names in UK celeb-world. He's also another big advocate for GOSH.

Spaghetti Traveller is a UK travel couple nominated for the UK blog awards and with a growing audience on Tik Tok. Never one to fear a challenge either (seriously, look at some of the YouTube videos), this will undoubtedly kick off!

As many of us have been personally helped and supported by GOSH, we are more than honoured to push this great children's hospital in order to raise the funds. You can make your donation here.


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