How to Use Tamanu Oil for Hair?

How to Use Tamanu Oil for Hair?

Us here at Beauty Insiders adore tamanu oil and the copious amounts of skin and hair benefits it provides. Considered a gift from the gods themselves the ancient Polynesian people used it for every aliment and concern you could think of, from soothing freshly tattooed skin, to nourishing the hair. It is the latter we’ll be focusing on today, but if you are wanting to know more about what this “green gold” has to offer, check out our dedicated blog post all about tamanu oil and its benefits

Is tamanu oil good for the scalp?

You may be surprised to hear that tamanu oil has made its way into a lot of skin and hair products without us even realising it! The beauty of tamanu oil is that it is an all-natural ingredient and can be introduced easily into anyone’s skin and haircare routine (although those of you with a nut allergy should avoid using it).

With its highly nourishing properties you’ll find that concerns with your scalp, from severe dryness to itchiness can be treated with the help from tamanu oil.

For a deeply conditioning scalp treatment use the following method.

Tamanu Oil Nourishing Scalp Treatment

  • Apply 5-10 drops of tamanu oil to the scalp
  • Gently massage oil into the scalp in circular motions
  • Comb the excess oil through the strands of your hair
  • Leave oil in your hair for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and regular shampoo
  • For optimal results repeat 1 or 2 times a week

You’ll find that after performing this treatment your hair will feel softer, smoother, and more manageable. Your scalp will also feel soothed, and any signs of flare-ups or discomfort will be calmed. By combing the oil into the strands, you are creating a protective barrier around the shaft of hair, this will not only smooth the hair follicles, but will combat any harsh effects of shampoo and hard water. 

When it comes to using tamanu oil it’s important to ensure you are using the highest quality oil. The easiest way to tell if you are using the best oil is by looking at its colour, if it is a rich green then the oil has been harvested correctly. If it resembles a yellow or even brown colour the nut kernels have most likely been roasted to speed up the long and arduous harvest of the tamanu oil. This basically means the quality of the oil can be affected and considered best to avoid.

What does tamanu oil do to your hair?

There are a great deal of benefits tamanu oil can provide for the hair, here are some of the most popular and achieved with regular application.

  • Deep Conditioning

Tamanu oil can deeply condition the hair and scalp. It is thought highly beneficial for those who with extremely dry and unruly hair, especially if used as a hot oil treatment. However, ensure you have a full understanding of how to use hot oil in your routine to avoid any harm, we advise you seek the help of a professional before trying any at home treatments.

  • Helps with Split Ends

Yes, pesky split ends are a thing of the past with the nourishing benefits of tamanu oil. Simply smooth the oil over the ends of your hair evenly to restore the health to any damaged ends of your tresses.

  • Repairs Long Term Damage

If you find your hair has encountered a lot of damage in its time, tamanu oil may be your saving grace. With excessive and long-term damage caused from colouring, heat and chemical processing can often lead the hair to become brittle, extremely dry, and unmanageable.

  • Combats Hair Loss

By massaging tamanu oil onto the scalp you will stimulate new hair production. Many have claimed that even acute hair loss has been effectively targeted by using tamanu oil as a hair growth ingredient.

That are just the main benefits you can expect to see when using tamanu oil in your hair care routine. Your tresses are left shining, soft and frizz-free.

Can I use tamanu oil every day?

Due to just how rich tamanu oil is I would advise against using it on your hair everyday as this can cause excess oiliness of the hair which can lead to some problems and imbalance to your hair health. To really reap the rewards its best to use it 1-2 times each week as this will keep the scalp and hair healthy but not weighed down with too much product. 

Do you have to dilute tamanu oil?

The beauty of tamanu oil is that you can use it in its rawest form or blended into a nourishing skin or hair product. Afterall, neat tamanu oil has been used for thousands of years by the Polynesian people, and you know the saying, if it ain’t broke… having said that there are some skin and hair product formulations out there which provide impressive results. Tamanu oil is a very stable ingredient and can be mixed with many other hair benefiting ingredients, quite often the cocktail of oils help disguise the potent, earthy scent of tamanu oil that many find difficult to ignore.

What can I mix with tamanu oil?

When it comes to mixing tamanu oil, as I’ve already mentioned it can work well with almost all other oils. Depending on your hair quality you can mix and match a selection of different essential and hydrating oils, for excessively dry hair types you can opt for jojoba or avocado oil for a powerful hydrating blend. If your hair tends to get oily quickly then using tamanu oil on its own will provide you with the right amount of softening and smoothing results without causing too many greasy side effects.

Does tamanu oil really work?

This is very much dependant as who is using it, everyone is different after all, from their hair to skin types. If you find you aren’t receiving the same results as your friends for example, it may be a case of finding another product for you to use. As always, I do suggest consulting with a doctor or medical professional to ensure tamanu oil will be the best ingredient for you and your hair.

Now I look forward to hearing all about your glossy tresses, don’t forget to come and follow us over on Instagram for daily skin tips, giveaways, and discounts. Check out the latest episode of The Green Sofa too over on our YouTube channel.

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