How to not wash your hair for 5 days

How to not wash your hair for 5 days

We’ve all been there, sometimes the luxury of a hair wash just doesn’t fit into our plans. If only we had a full-on glam squad as some of these celebrities when we have someone else washing our hair for us! Perhaps you’re even wondering how often you should wash your hair?

You’ll be surprised to find out, that some A-listers are known to go without washing their hair for up to one whole week! Yes, believe me, it’s true! Want to know how this sorcery is achieved? Well, have a look at our tricks on how to get away without washing your long hair for 5 days!

Hair Wash Night

The first trick for going 5 days without washing your hair is to use Procoal’s Shampoo Bars, they come in 4 different scents, Rose, Lavender, Seaweed and Charcoal. These bars are natural without any added chemicals or silicone, which have been known to coat the strands of hair, weighing it down and making it need to be washed sooner than is actually needed. It has been advised that washing your hair too often can cause damage to the overall health of the hair, especially for hair that has a tendency to be more on the oily side. With the bars being silicone free, what you find is that you will have a longer time in between washes, therefore having your hair look fresher for longer!

Style One

Whilst your hair is fresh from a wash, the best hairstyle to have is straight for mid-length to long hair. Using straighteners separate the hair into different sections, depending on the thickness of your hair. Lift the top layers of the hair up out of the way and work your way through your hair starting with the bottom layers of hair to the top. Straightening the hair this way is a laborious task, but having each strand smooth will make this style hold for longer and could possibly take you into the next day without it getting knotty.

Style Two

You could, in fact, be lucky enough to have style one last you two whole days, if not, however, it’s time to get the curling tongs out! By moving the hair from straight to curly will give the hair movement and disguise any appearance of day-old hair that can sometimes start to look a little unkept and boarding on the need for a wash! You can go as curly as you like, tight to relaxed beachy waves, anything that adds volume and movement will look great for style two!

Style Three

Today calls for everyone’s favourite, the messy up-do. As tempting it is to throw it up and be on your way, to reach the end of this 5-day cycle a little time needs to be taken into achieving the perfect messy up-do. You are more than welcome to go for a classic top knot, or perhaps wear your hair in a low tided bun styling some curled strands to sit nicely against the frame of your face, picture Meghan Markle bridal hair. The idea is to let the remaining curls to allow you to pin into a simple, chic bun. This is a look that takes some time to perfect but try your best to not handle your hair too much or even brush it excessively as this can create oil. Use a wide-toothed comb to rid your hair of any knots and work with bobby pins and hair bands to create this look, perfect for any strands that have started to look a little oily. 

Style Four

For this style, it is time to reach for the straighteners again. Focusing on the top layer and front section of the hair, smoothing out the curls from previous styles. Next split your hair in a middle parting and pull the hair into a low sleek bun. This style is perfect for disguising hair that isn’t looking too fresh. Don’t forget to give this look a good spritz of some hair spray to lock it all into place!

Style Five

If you’ve reached this style, then well done to you. You have given your hair a well-deserved rest from over washing and exposure to too many products. This final look can be up to you, either opt for a sleek bun again, or this time perhaps pull it all up high into a sleek top knot or Ariana Grande style high ponytail! Use a small comb to brush any stray hair into a super smooth, on-trend look. Hairspray will help a great deal with this, try and avoid too much gel as this could result in it looking a little too wet.

So, there you have some tricks we have found that even Hollywood superstars are a fan of doing themselves! Your hair gets a rest and you no longer need to worry about trying to figure out what you can do with your hair when getting ready in the morning! Give it a try for yourself, even if you do this one week out of the month you will really notice the difference in your hair for the better! Hey, if it’s good enough for J-Lo it’s good enough for us!


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