How to Get Rid of Pimples?

How to Get Rid of Pimples?

Pimples are a problem for anyone, no matter their age. The common problem that is faced by people is why they find a pimple on their skin, what they can do to get rid of it and how to prevent any more in the future. So, I have put together the most asked pimple-related questions which will hopefully get to the bottom of any concerns or queries you have about pimples by the end of this blog post, things will be a lot clearer.

How do you quickly get rid of a pimple?

Sadly, there is no rapid way of ridding yourself of a pimple, unless of course you apply some makeup to conceal them. 

There are some tips to follow when wanting to get rid of a pimple quickly, here is a rundown of what to do-

  1. Keep your hands clean and off your face

It’s a known thing that picking spots is a huge no-no, especially with hands that aren’t clean. I understand how tempting it may be to pick and squeeze a spot and be done with it but what you are actually doing is increasing your chances of getting more spots. By spreading the bacteria from any active pimples on the skin as well as the germs and impurities you transfer onto your face with your unwashed hands. Not only will you encounter more breakouts but you will also cause the lesion to take longer to heal and could potentially be left with acne scarring too. 

  1. Use an acne spot treatment formula

This is a step in your routine that can be changed and work towards you. For example, there are products that can be applied all over the skin and others that are formulated for a more topical application.

The best ingredients to look for when finding the best acne treatment formula are:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide- known as one of the best anti-blemish ingredients and is able to kill off the bacteria that create multiple breakouts
  • Salicylic Acid- the most used BHA that can exfoliate the skin and works deep into the lower layers and unclog the pores
  • Retinoids- highly potent ingredient that can provide any skin benefits, most of all helping to boost cell turnover, promoting cells to be removed and stops the pores from clogging.
  1. Establish a good skincare routine

The oil glands that are in the skin are active all day and produce the natural oil known as sebum in the skin surface. Sebum is vital for maintaining the skin’s health and balance but depending on your skin type can be overproduced resulting in frequent breakouts. By establishing a good skincare routine will ensure your skin remains clear making it easier to keep on top of your breakouts. Keeping the skin clean with a cleanser enriched in nourishing ingredients will help remove makeup and other impurities followed by an exfoliating toner containing an AHA, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid. Once the skin is clean you can then apply a hyaluronic acid serum to lock in moisture and reduce the risk of irritation. Finally, there are the last steps in a good routine, such as face oils, moisturisers and skin treatment face masks that can all work towards keeping the clarity of the skin and help you stay on top of your pimples.

How to get rid of a pimple overnight?

 As previously mentioned, there is not an easy way of removing a pimple completely overnight, you can however, treat it with effective ingredient and skincare formulas to reduce the size and calm any redness. Here are some of the best tips to try when treating a pimple overnight:

  1. Use a product with salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is the most used BHA and has gained a reputation for combating pimples effectively. You’ll find that it is oil soluble and can penetrate into the lower layers and unclog the pores of excess build-up of sebum, bacteria, dirt and impurities.

  1. Apply a hot press

To do this you find a clean flannel and run it under hot water, make sure it’s not too hot as this can burn the skin. Hold the flannel onto the skin for 15 minutes, repeat this about 3 times until the pimple releases the pus inside and heals. It is important to remember not to squeeze or pop the pimple as this will only spread bacteria and cause damage to the skin surface.

  1. Be wary of at home remedies

The internet is flooded with at home remedies for pimples with various methods and ingredients you can find in your freezer, fridge or cupboards. As convincing as these DIY videos appear you can’t guarantee you will end up with the same results. Instead opt to using proven and formulated products, ones that are either medical grade or backed by science would be preferred. Before applying any products or home remedies it is best to consult with a doctor or dermatologist to ensure you avoid any unwanted skin reactions. 

How long do pimples last?

Generally speaking, it all depends on the particular pimple, some larger ones can take as long as six weeks to go away, compared to smaller pimples which can take 2-3 days to go. No matter the size there are a few things you need to avoid, such as keeping your fingers off your skin as this will reduce the amount of bacteria being transferred onto the surface. It is also vital to not squeeze or pop any active pimples, as satisfying as it may feel to rid yourself of those pimples by squeezing them the amount of skin damage and increase risk in spreading bacteria around the skin is not worth the act of popping your pimples. Let your skincare routine containing potent ingredients put in all the hard work and reduce the appearance of pimples and give your skin back some clarity.

Should you pop pimples?

Absolutely not, as you probably guessed by now, I have strong opinion on popping pimples and how much of a terrible idea it is. It may seem like the best idea to quickly rid the skin, but in the long run squeezing pimples won’t necessarily rid you of the problem completely. When you squeeze a spot you actually end up pushing pus and bacteria deeper into the pores that can result in swelling and redness. Once you have caused damage to the skin surface it will lead to a scab which often has the result of a permanent pit or scar giving you uneven texture and other skin concerns, all of which can be avoided by leaving your pimples and not giving into the temptation of popping them.

Is there a permanent cure for pimples?

Sadly, there is no magic cure to permanently cure pimples but there are some habits to maintain to keep your skin healthy and clear.

  • Finding and maintaining a good and well formulated skincare routine containing beneficial ingredients, such as salicylic acid, benezoyl peroxide and retinol to name a few.
  • Keeping an eye on your diet, by this I mean understanding if you do eat some extra sweets or treat yourself to a take away be prepared for a potential flare-up.
  • Taking daily probiotics will help keep your skin healthy as looking after your gut health will have an overall improvement on the skin
  • Consult with a doctor or dermatologist when you have exhausted every other avenue, especially if there are signs of cystic and severe acne, they will be able to prescribe you the best medical standard products to introduce into your routine.

There you have some answers to the very popular pimple questions we have seen recently, hope you found this post helpful and please don’t forget to join us over on our Instagram.

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