How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes

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Bags are common for both genders and for various ages, however it is one of the most sought out beauty treatments, as so many suffer with it. To truly tackle this frustrating issue, we must first take a step back, to understand what we are dealing with.

Why Do We Have Bags Under Our Eyes?

The sad truth is genetics plays a huge part in this. If you suffer with bags under your eyes when in early childhood, then this can be a sign you have simply inherited it and the reality is there is only a certain amount you can do to tackle the issue.

However, the good news is it can be solved/prevented if related to a host of other issues. Some can suffer from bags under the eyes if they are hit by the powerful rays of the sun, causing an overproduction of melanin, which creates colour in your skin. We might all want a nice tan, but this can create havoc for your under eye area.

Another factor, the most well known one, you could be suffering from fatigue, due to lack of sleep or pushing yourself too hard. The reason why is the lack of sleep results in the skin looking more pale, which in turn leads to the blood vessels and dark tissue underneath being more visible on the skin.

If you find yourself staring at a screen all day then you could be your own worst enemy, as this can cause eye strain, something that has the same effect on the under-eyes as a lack of sleep.

If your body is dehydrated then you could be preventing it getting the water it requires for your skin, while a simple allergy could also be causing the issue. It could also be a build-up of fluid in the area, causing it to be more noticeable. But finally, the ageing process will enhance the appearance of bags under eyes.

How Do I Treat Bags Under The Eyes

  1. Use an extra pillow – I wanted to highlight this tip first as it made a world of difference to me! When you lie on your front when you sleep, or don’t elevate your head high enough, you can increase puffiness and create a build-up of fluid under the eyes. I always slept on my front without a pillow and had terrible bags, I changed to on my back and added two pillows and it has removed the bags by about 70%!
  2. A Cold Compress – you will hear a dozen ideas on the best ones, whether it be cucumbers placed over the eyes for 10-20 minutes, or simply a wet flannel, I’d recommend trying and experimenting to see what works best for you. If you’re using one of our hydrating sheet masks then simply placing some cucumber slices can help to add to the pamper feel.
  3. Applying an eye cream has been proven in a number of cases to show visible results. We’d recommend doing some research into the required ingredients and the best brands around, as you will be spoilt for choice. An added tip would be to store your eye cream in the fridge, as this will offer an added short term benefit. Just make sure to check your fridge isn’t set too cold, as the last thing you want to do is damage the quality of the cream.
  4. We previously mentioned allergies, well it might be time to take an allergy test and see what is flaring you up so bad. It could be you’re allergic to the pet cat or the dust in your house, or maybe a new beauty treatment you are trying. It’s always worth testing your body for allergies and intolerances in order to work out what could be causing an irritation, flare-up or reaction in any way.
  5. Make sure to take off your make-up before you go to bed. If you’re guilty of keeping it on, then it could be causing an increased amount of puffiness under the eyes in the morning, making the bags more noticeable.
  6. It’s time for an early night. We all have crazy schedules, but we also have to admit it is normally Netflix which is our downfall at the end of the night, so set yourself a bed time and make sure you are giving yourself enough sleep to recover properly.
  7. It’s not just the amount of sleep you are having, it’s also the quality. Make sure you are removing any blue light from your room, try to consume plenty of magnesium (even if taken in supplement form), start a sleeping pattern, plus avoid naps over 20 minutes.
  8. Avoid cigarettes. They will make it onto pretty much every beauty and health list, as they cause havoc all over the body, well this is just another for the collection.
  9. It could be something as simple as consuming too much salt in a day. Make a food journal for a couple of days and monitor how much salt you are eating. By reducing salt, you could prevent fluid retention which can be an issue.
  10. We mentioned dehydration as a common reason for these symptoms, well one guess what the solution will be. It’s quite possible you’re not drinking enough water a day, so try to work out when you are slacking, such as on the transport to work or by not keeping a bottle on your work desk. Whenever it is, try to make sure you have a bottle on you. You can even set reminders for yourself to have a sip, it might sound crazy, but it will get you in the pattern of drinking water more regularly.
  11. While you should be careful to avoid the eyes, you might want to add an SPF to your daily routine. The sun is the biggest factor in skin damage, however a decent sun tan lotion can be added each day (yes, this includes in the winter) while it can significantly help to reduce any damage from the sun. This tactic is adopted in Korea and has become a well known part of the 10 step Korean skin care routine, however it should be only done in the morning and during the day, not in the evening.
  12. Well, if you have tried all these tactics and you’re still tearing your hair out, then turning to a great concealer could be the final solution. This can be quickly dabbed over the bags, while you could opt for a subtle flesh-toned concealer. Make sure to keep it on you, so you can top up as the day goes on.

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