How To Apply A Sheet Mask Properly

How To Apply A Sheet Mask Properly

Sheet masks are a great, easy way of giving your skin a little boost of moisture, especially during these colder months when heating and cold weather can cause countless problems for skin, such as making your skin look dull and dry! Whether you are a sheet mask pro or novice there are right and wrong ways of applying a mask. This is when we provide a helping hand and tell you how to apply a sheet mask properly.

Step One: Remove backing  

Your sheet mask will come with a protective backing material attached, this helps the mask when you are opening and stops the mask from sticking together. The backing material is usual a lot more coarse than the sheet mask and will no doubt be uncomfortable to have on your skin. Therefore, ensuring the backing is removed before applying will be a lot more comfortable for you to wear and will also mean the serum is able to penetrate the skin properly.

Step Two: Find the eyes, nose and mouth holes  

Sheet masks are usually shaped to look similar to a face with holes cut out for the eyes, nose and mouth. When applying the sheet mask always make sure the holes match up to you features to make it comfortable to breath and relax whilst using the mask. 

Step Three: Smooth out the sheet mask

Once you have applied the sheet mask and matched it to your features, smooth out the sheet mask so there are no wrinkles or overlapping pieces of fabric. Once the sheet mask is completely smooth and close to the skin you will allow the mask to reach every area of your face. It doesn’t matter if the mask is bigger than your face as it can work on the neck too!

Step Four: Time yourself

Once you’ve applied the mask and smoothed it over the skin it’s best to leave it for the time that is stated on the packaging. Leaving the mask on for longer than instructed or leaving the mask to dry out will mean there would be no benefits and the ingredients wouldn’t have been absorbed properly this will also mean it’s best not to sleep with a sheet mask on. 

Step Five: Remove the mask

Once you have finished using your sheet mask, remove it from your face and pop it in the compost bin if you have one! Don’t wash your face after using the sheet mask as you will wash away all the serum and so will waste the time and effort of applying the sheet mask in the first place!

Step Six: Use up the essence

Make the most out the product by using the remaining serum in the packet on areas such as your neck, décolletage, backs of hands, knees and even tap the remaining serum onto your face once you remove the mask for extra hydration.

Using a sheet mask properly may seem like an easy thing to do, but can become confusing, every brand and sheet mask is different so it is always best to read the instructions. Generally speaking, sheet masks all have the same idea, however it’s best to be safe than sorry!

To see a difference in your skin we recommend using a sheet mask up to three times a week, however it is also and fabulous extra to your skincare for an extra hydration boost!


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