How To Apply A Deodorant Balm For Optimal Results

Using a natural deodorant is a fantastic way of keeping your underarms fresh and sweat free. However, the application can be something many aren’t used to at all, it is a very different to simply spraying a antiperspirant onto your armpits.

Seeing how our Procoal activated charcoal natural deodorant balm is indeed a balm, the application means you use your fingers to pop the product on. It may feel strange at first but is the best way of getting the optimal results.

Don’t forget to take a look at our previous blog that explains how to ensure your natural deodorant is working the best it can. So here are our 10 tips on applying your deodorant to get the optimal results!

  • Towel dry armpit after shower and apply the product straight away. Ensure the underarms are completely dry to give your deodorant the chance to work the best it can, without being diluted by any dampness.

  • Apply pea size amount on each armpit using circular motion. The amount of product needed varies from person to person, it’s worth starting with the aforementioned amount and experiment until you find the right amount for personal use. After a while of use you will find the amount can also change again as your skin will become used to the product and work better over time!
  • Rub the pea sized amount into the skin until it disappears and blends into the skin. Ensure you are rubbing the product in until you can no longer see it.

pea size deodorant balm

  • It won’t stain any clothes even black and white items if applied correctly, so always make sure the product is fully absorbed. Now you won’t need to worry about anymore unsightly white stains!
  • For people who don’t shave or wax their underarms it is best to ensure there is no dead skin in armpits – regular use of a good body scrub/exfoliator helps!
  • You also reapply the product throughout the day, such as post gym training.
  • If you have just shaved or wax your armpits, try not to apply straight away. You could experience some skin sensitivity. Unless you like a little tingle which is perfectly normal given the skin would be extremely sensitive post shave or wax.

rubbing deodorant balm into armpit

  • It will take you a few days to get used to the product if you have always used sprays. You will notice that after 3-4 days of regular use you get an understanding on how much you should apply and how.
  • Avoid putting the product in unusually warm places as the balm will melt a little and become too runny to use. You won’t have this issue in normal room temperatures and conditions. It is more areas of direct sunlight or near radiators.
  • If you have exposed the product to heat/sunlight etc and it has become a little creamy, you don’t need to worry, just simply put it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes and it should solidify back to normal.

successful deo post

So there you have some tips on using our Procoal activated charcoal natural deodorant balm. If this is the first time using a natural deodorant it is a good idea to take a look at our previous blog which describes the best ways to ensure your deodorant is working for you properly, such as detoxifying the underarms from the toxins and chemicals found in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. There are also a lot more tricks and advice so it will definitely be worth a look.   

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