How Long Should Activated Charcoal Last?

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If we are talking about for teeth whitening purposes, then the product should be used 4-5 times a week, with just a pinch each time. We therefore presume a single 60ml Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening tub used this regularly should last approximately a month.

In regards to how long the expiration date is, the average tub may have around 12-18 months written on it, but it will always vary. Realistically, there is no expiration limit as such, however when exposed to the environment, over time, it will expire, therefore it is important to keep your tub sealed when not using if you want it to last longer.

This is why we always try to highlight the important of keeping the product in the airtight container provided.

The reason why its ‘potency’ will fade when exposed to the environment is its amazing ability to soak up and absorb toxins and pollutions, however it can only soak up a certain amount before it is technically ‘full’. This is why minimising its exposure to air will help keep it at its best, however you don’t have to worry about instantly shutting the pot the moment you open it.

Of course, when we talk about the length of time, we are referring to our activated charcoal powder, therefore we are not covering other products out of our usage, such as filtering systems which might be used in fish tanks or jet planes. These may have a completely different creation and build, therefore you will have to refer to their manufacturers for clear details.


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