Do You Put On Moisturiser After Putting On A Sheet Mask?

It is important to remember that sheet masks should be a section of your skincare routine, not the entirety of the process. We do recommend applying a moisturiser to your skin after using a sheet mask.

This might sound unnecessary, considering the main point of the sheet mask is to hydrate the skin, however there are a large number of benefits to adding moisturiser afterwards. Firstly, the moisturiser will help to seal in all of those great ingredients you have just applied. If you don’t, some may be lost through evaporation, so make the most of your sheet mask by following up with post beauty care. You should also use an eye cream afterwards.

Also, if you suffer from very dry skin, then it is even more crucial you apply moisturiser afterwards.

It is also worth mentioning you don’t want to apply a moisturiser before your sheet mask, as you want the pores to be completely clean, otherwise it can get clogged and will have a negative affect on your skin.

When you apply the moisturiser, be careful not to remove the serum that is in the sheet mask, as this will lessen the effect and remove the moisture you have just applied.

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