Do I Really Need To Use A Face Mask?

Using a face mask should be a staple part of your beauty regime, regardless of your age, gender or focus. It can help improve your facial skin for multiple purposes and is one of the most undervalued parts of a skincare regime, delivering ‘actives’ to the skin, both for quality and appearance. So, quite simply, yes you should be using a face mask, however we have highlighted some benefits below to reaffirm the reasons why.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Face masks can unclog your pores and clean out any trapped dirt, while it will also remove any excess oils that will naturally occur on the face.
  2. It’s not just oils and dirt, your face will naturally collect dead skin which will also be trapped in pores, however a good face mask will absorb all of these.
  3. Even more important if you suffer from dry skin, a good face mask should moisturise the skin and add hydration, offering a softer feel and enhance elasticity.
  4. The relaxation factor should not be undermined, as you stick on some soft music and chill out for 15 minutes as the face mask hardens. The therapeutic process along with the nice scents of the formula could always be combined with a hot bath and some candles.
  5. If a quick result is your aim then a face mask could be the answer. While we recommend using them on a constant basis rather than just before an event, the simple fact is they are great at quickly clearing your pores and removing any impurities, offering a fast-acting improved complexion.
  6. Nobody wants to look older, while the regular use of face masks has been shown to help significantly with preventing the signs of aging, such as diminishing wrinkles and fine lines, not to mention brown spots.
  7. It’s not just the removal of bacteria on the skin, another effect of applying can be a seemingly glowing skin. The reason for this is many of them can help to stimulate blood circulation, which will create a natural glow.
  8. Whatever your beauty regime, it will be substantially improved by the addition of face masks, as it will clear the pores (and all the other benefits highlighted above), meaning whatever you are applying should have a greater effect. A large reason for this is because it will allow these other products to be more easily absorbed into the skin, as their will be nothing blocking its avenue.

So Why Activated Charcoal?

Many face masks highlight a whole number of bizarre ingredients, from kiwis to papayas, which might sound fun, but aren’t likely to be absorbed into the skin and probably don’t do much other than get put onto your skin and then are washed straight off. Your skin will absorb the mask active ingredients, not the odd fruity smoothie ingredients.

However, with activated charcoal you have an active ingredient which will directly extract toxins from the skin and clean out the pores, which should be a large portion of what you are trying to achieve with a face mask. Whether it’s to clear up acne or absorb excess oils, an activated charcoal face mask is perfect for this.

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