Dare to Bare for International Women’s Day

Dare to Bare for International Women’s Day

So, with International Women’s Day fast approaching, we here at Procoal decided to challenge you all to a dare! That is dare to bare and go make-up free for the day!


For some of you that may not be such a big deal, but for others the thought of embracing the day bare faced will send a shiver down your spine! No makeup makeup has been a huge trend these last few years, and so huge amounts of makeup for day to day looks aren’t really seen as much, however are any of you brave enough to go completely bare? Without your secret no makeup makeup tricks? There lies the challenge! 


We don’t want to hear that you’ve got a busy day seeing friends, an important meeting at work, job interview or even a first date! Head on out there without any makeup on! We know that without the safety blanket of mascara, foundation and lipstick, you will all be forced to really show what you are made of and no doubt get an incredible boost of confidence! I’m telling you from my own experience, even if you have the biggest spot known to man on your face, there’s something totally liberating by going about your day with nothing but a smile on your face! I completely forgot about it by the end of the day, and the free feeling I had of rubbing my eyes without the worry of mascara and shadow smudging was very liberating!


Skin confidence has been heavily featured in the media recently, with thanks to influencers such as Em from My Pale Skin blog, who shot to fame back in 2015 with her powerful video called ‘You Look Disgusting’ sharing with us all the nasty comments and trolling she would receive on her social media, purely based on the fact she had acne. Something that can’t be helped, but has been a topic of anguish and upset for as long as I can remember, be it troublesome teenage skin, to adult acne. No matter what the age it is still considered very embarrassing. It’s time for this to stop!


So, with everything I have previously mentioned, this is how and why we came up with the dare to bare challenge! As nerve wracking as it may be, you just never know what that day will have in store for you, with or without makeup!


This on Friday 8th March, International Women’s Day, start the day off with a bit of a skin pamper, maybe try a sheet mask or a deep cleansing scrub and have your naked skin looking it’s very best ready for dare to go bare with Procoal!


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