Can You Reuse A Sheet Mask?

Can You Reuse A Sheet Mask?

Whether its sitting still and keeping it on for 20 minutes is the challenge or simply looking at it from a financial perspective, many people want to re-use a sheet mask. We do recommend against this, as the sheet mask has been absorbing dirt and bacteria from the skin, therefore if you reapply at a later date, you could be placing this back onto the skin.

The other reason why we would recommend against this is down to the dryness. The reason we recommend a sheet mask is applied for 20 minutes is because that is the perfect amount of time for the ingredients to hydrate the skin, however if a mask is left on too long (such as if you were to fall asleep with it on) then the mask can dry out and it would actually have the reverse effect, absorbing moisture from the skin. For this reason, it could be assumed that applying an old sheet mask may have a negative effect as it will have dried out and may not be able to help your skin.

One alternative option you could consider, if you feel there is too much serum on your packet, would be to squeeze out the excess at the start before you apply it to your face, into an air tight container. This way you can use the serum at a later date without the fear of dirt or bacteria being caught in the mix.

If you feel there is a fair amount of excess serum but don’t want to save it for a later date, you could also spread it into other parts of your body, such as your neck, hands or chest.

What Cosmetics Can I Recycle?

One thing to get clear is if it smells then it is time to throw it out, as this is undoubtedly a sign tha bacteria has seeped in. If you've saved some of your tubed cosmetics for 8 months then the reality is it might not be worth saving it for forever, as the wand can accumulate bacteria over time.

Just the same, if you are swirling your finger around a tub, you are continuously spreading any bacteria that might be on your hand. 

Lipstick can however be saved quite easily. Some opt to add a bit of alcohol water and tea tree oil to help deodorise, as well as adding antibacterial properties to the mix. You can give your lipstick a little spray and that should help it last the length of time.

You can also utilise old make-up boxes and packs to use as airtight containers for small house-hold items that often go missing (wither that be safety pins or hair ties).

Face wipes are certainly a guilty member of the recycling department, however you can reuse a face wipe if you give it a thorough clean and hand with it. This way it can be reused again for make-up removal.

As your makeup brushes start to date, rather than throwing them out, add them to the tool kit. It is always impossible to find the paintbrush when it comes round to painting and it is even harder to find a fine brush, which is where makeup brushes are amazing. Or, if you have a child, they can use it for making a painting.

Eye shadows can sometimes be slightly flamboyant, and for this reason, many get left for extended periods of time or end up in the bin. But they could very easily be converted into a nail polish, to offer a little glam to your appearance.

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