Beauty hack used by old Hollywood Stars you need to try!

Beauty hack used by old Hollywood Stars you need to try!

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the countless beauty products found on the market today. There hasn’t been a time where we all had so many options and products you can find to address any skincare concerns or makeup woes you could be currently having.

Believe it or not, the beauty hacks used by the famous old Hollywood stars of times gone by are outstandingly brilliant! Here are some we have found and wanted to share with you, you may even recognise a number of them!


Grace Kelly

Movie star turned princess, Grace Kelly is still considered to this day a great beauty and a huge influence (yep, even before Instagram was around!) You could even be shocked to hear that the stunning princess of Monaco was contouring her cheekbones way before the Kardashians took over the world!

Instead of using countless products that are cream based, powder based, applied with a beauty blender or brush… Kelly opted for two different tones of blusher for an easier result. The darker of the two would be focused in the hollows of your cheekbones and lighter for the apples of your cheeks. Simple and effective way of adding dimension to your face and features.

This trick has in fact been known to be used backstage in the Victoria Secrets fashion shows to this day! Let’s face it, if this trick is good enough for a princess, who are we not to give it a go!


Sophia Loren

Italian movie star Sophia Loren has been famously quoted for saying the answer to her looking her best is “a love for life, spaghetti and the odd bath in olive oil”

Olive oil is a natural anti-oxidant and when applied to the skin can help with premature aging of the skin. It is also amazing at applying after sun exposure by calming the skin and reducing any inflammation of any possible sun burn.   

Of course, the idea of having a bath whilst eating a huge bowl of spaghetti whilst on the phone to your bestie sounds like our kinda Saturday night, and if it keeps you looking as amazing as Loren at the age of 84, pass us that bottle of oil!


Mae West

This star of the silver screen was more than famous for her talent, it was also the fact that she never seemed to age for countless decades.

Her secret? Believe it or not, it was coconut oil! This trendy beauty favourite has indeed stood the test of time and has been working wonders for our skin for generations!


Marilyn Monroe

Of course, we couldn’t write a piece about Hollywood stars and their beauty secrets without shedding some light on the illustrious Marilyn.

As one of the first people to try dermablading which is shaving away the peach fuzz and layer of dead skin cells found on everyone’s faces to help with her complexion and smoother makeup application. There is also a trick Monroe used to give her eyes a helping hand to look brighter and more awake with a beautiful doe eyed appearance. 

Taking 4 eye liners with different tones, Monroe would use a black for the upper lash line, smudging it into the lash line making her lashes look fuller and wing the liner on the outer corner of her eye in a feline flick.  

Next taking a brown liner along the lower lash line, creating a sultry look without it looking too heavy.

With a white eye liner pencil Marilyn would draw a small triangle in between the liners on the outer corner. This gave the illusion of a bigger eye for the famous doe eyes of the star in a number of her movies.

Finally, her last liner trick was to line the inner corner with a red to make the white of her eyes brighter.

The thought of using 4 different liners may seem a little much, but the overall look of the products working together give a great, wide eyed, Hollywood look.


Audrey Hepburn

Now our final hack from Audrey Hepburn is probably the most-risky of all. To separate her lashes after applying her mascara for the perfectly flawless and fluttery lashes, Hepburn would use a pin… yes you read that right, a pin.

You’ll be forgiven to feel a little light headed at trying to tackle your lashes with an eye piercingly sharp pin. Luckily, a spoolie brush gives you the same results in a much safer way!


So, there you have just a few beauty hacks used by the stars of the golden age! It’s remarkable to consider some are being used to this day, and others tweaked and changed to perform better than before. If giving any of these hacks a go will result in us looking anywhere near as fabulous as these iconic beauties we’d be pretty damn happy!

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