Are You Using Your Moisturiser Correctly?

Are You Using Your Moisturiser Correctly?

Well the temperatures have plummeted here in the south east, instinctively you may reach for the moisturiser that offers an ocean’s worth of hydration. Anything to keep your skin comfortable throughout the festive chill. But would it ruin your day if I told you that you could be applying your moisturiser completely wrong! In today’s post I’ll share with you some tips on how to get the most out of your moisturiser!

How do I apply moisturiser?

Whether you’re new to skincare or a veteran, chances are you may have found that sometimes your moisturiser just isn’t cutting it for your skin concerns, this may be a result of not applying it in the right places or perhaps too much. The best way to apply moisturiser is to use 10p size amount of product, blob some product on your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Gently smooth the product into your skin remember to more in upwards motions, it’s the easiest way to keep gravity sagging effects away for as long as possible, you can then finish off by patting the skin remember to take the product down the neck onto your décolletage as these are the areas that show the first signs of aging with lines and wrinkles becoming visible.

You can use moisturiser as eye cream, if you don’t have sensitive skin or eyes than you can apply face moisturiser on your under eye along the orbital bone of the eye socket. Use your ring finger to ensure no unnecessary pressure and tugging on the delicate, thin skin around the eyes. Be careful not to take the cream too high on the eye area as this could overload the skin making it sore and develop small white bumps called Milia.

When should you apply moisturiser?

It’s best to use moisturiser in the morning and evening at bedtime. By using it twice a day you will find it replenishes the skin and restores the comfort back keeping the water and oil levels in your skin balanced and looking healthy!

For the day you need to remember to apply SPF to keep your skin safe in the sun, even on overcast days the sun’s UV rays are still present and UVA can penetrate through glass causing premature ageing to the skin. If you wanted your moisturiser to have an SPF aim for a factor no less than 30 as this gives you 3 hours worth of protection, reapplying sun factor throughout the day is ideal, but understandably tricky for some. Using a spray on face SPF is a quick and easy way of staying sun safe.

When it comes to the evening, you obviously don’t need to worry about your moisturiser having SPF, in fact using a product containing sun factor will clog the pores and cause breakouts if slept in. Night moisturiser is generally thicker than its daytime teammate, this usually means there’s a larger amount of antioxidants, pollution fighting and restoring ingredients, replenishing the skin whilst you sleep. In the morning your skin should feel tacky still, comfortable and hydrated.

How do I know my moisturiser is working?

You will know your moisturiser is working from how comfortable your skin will feel throughout the day. The job of a moisturiser is to balance the skin’s water and oil levels in the skin and overall health and appearance of the skin. Any ageing or other concerns are usually better targeted using serums and other products.

If you find you still feel tight and dry or maybe overly oily, then it’s a good idea to double check your moisturiser is the best suited to your skin. Remember even if you have an oily skin type it’s still best to use a moisturiser as even oily skin becomes dehydrated and applying moisturiser will help restore the skin’s balance.

If you experience a rash or irritated skin this could be a reaction to the ingredients included in the formulas, or the application has been too vigorous for the skin, if the rash or reaction persists stop using the product and seek professional advice from your GP.

Can you apply too much moisturiser?

You can have too much of a good thing, drowning your face in a moisturiser could in fact have the opposite results and cause the skin to break out and become congested. After applying your moisturiser your skin should still remain a little tacky to the touch, allow the product to fully absorb into the skin before applying any makeup.

The prices of moisturisers vary a great deal, from under £10 to well over £100, if however you are using too much each time (more than a 10p piece) not only will it mean you will be spending a fortune on new pots, but it will alter the results for your skin meaning your moisturiser won’t be able to do it’s job!

Pre and Post Flight Benefits

If you are planning a trip, be it long haul or short the intense drying effects the cabin air has on the skin is remarkable! To prevent your skin becoming extremely dehydrated apply a highly hydrating water enriched gel moisturiser will keep your skin comfortable and not overloaded with heavy formulas. Throughout the flight you may want to reapply the moisturiser or even able a nourishing face mask to ensure moisture is locked into the skin.  

There you have some advice on moisturising, you will surprised how many of us make these simple mistakes, easily rectified and you will find that you skin is looking healthy, glowing and plump. Ensuring you use your moisturiser properly will also stop any wastage or outbreaks of spots, clogged pores, milia or congested skin. It will also save you some money, which is always a good idea, especially with Christmas just around the corner!



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