8 Ways To Avoid Gum Disease

gum disease

If you’ve spat out blood into the sink after brushing your teeth then you are probably suffering from gum disease, however you are certainly not alone. The NHS highlights the point that most adults in the UK suffer from this issue in some shape or form, however there are a number of ways in which you can avoid periodontal disease (as it is properly known).

1) Brush Your Teeth

Who would have thought it? But this doesn’t simply come down to brushing your teeth, it is about making sure you do it for at least 2 minutes (which many people fail to do), brushing in the proper way so all surface areas of the tooth are reached and even brushing the tongue (shudder). If you are failing to brush twice a day or struggling with any of these points then this is the starting point for you.

2) Floss

It is that dreaded job, but dentists and hygienists up and down the country highlight it as the best thing you can do to avoid the build-up of plaque. If you really can’t stand the idea of flossing, why not consider a water flosser.

3) Reduce Sugar

So many foods and drinks contain an unnecessarily large amount of sugar content, which will damage the enamel and can cause gum disease. Write a food and drink journal and try to see where you are consuming too much sugar, with sugar drinks being the most common culprit.

4) Visit The Dentist / Hygienist

From preventing further damage and highlighting areas of concern, as well as professionally removing any plaque, this is an absolute must. You should try to visit your dentist every 6 months, but at the absolute minimum you should go within 12 months. If you continue to struggle with this issue, ask your dentist for advice and they should be able to talk through the topic in further detail.

5) Don’t Smoke

Smoking is a key factor in not just gum disease, but a number of oral care issues. The main reason it is an issue is it prevents your body from fighting infections, and if the gum is already damaged then it makes it harder for them to heal. The CDC state it is twice as likely you will suffer from gum disease if you smoke.

6) Reduce Stress

There have been a vast number of tests that have shown the incredibly damaging effect stress can have on your mental state, waistline, immune system and oral health. It’s important to keep your immune system up and strong if you want to both help your oral hygiene as well as staying off the sick bed.

7) Use A Mouthwash

Which one you decide upon will take some research and consideration into the fluoride content and the credentials, but this can be an extra addition after brushing your teeth. This will also help to remove anything that might have been missed with brushing and flossing alone.

8) Wash Your Mouth Out

You’re inevitably going to eat something with a high sugar content, but when you do, try to wash your mouth out with water straight after. If you’re in public or in the office, then simply swig some water around the mouth and then swallow. The important thing is to remove as much as possible which might be trapped on the teeth, even if only a small portion is removed.

Of course, if you do suffer from discolouration and stains on the teeth, we recommend trying out our teeth whitening powder as the activated charcoal can absorb and extract toxins and stains from the teeth.

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