15 Ways To Ask Someone Out

asking someone out

You’re crazy about that lucky sod, but how do you go about asking them out? Well we have some potential ideas, from the sickeningly romantic to the downright cute. Find the one that would get the best reaction from your potential partner in crime (based on what you know of them so far). Also, let me start off by saying put down that damn guitar. Even if you’re an amazing singer, this can still look cheesy, so unless you have the lungs of Sheeran I wouldn’t try.

1) Bake Her A Treat

If you’re an avid follower of GBBO and fancy your chances of making a decent Red Velvet in the kitchen then this could be really romantic. Not just that, it will show her you’re not afraid to get in the kitchen and get your hands dirty, an instant brownie point (no pun intended).

2) Buy Some Flowers

This will still involve saying those magic words, but flowers are such an easy way to our heart. I sometimes hate how much flowers melt me, but what can I say, pick me some tulips and I’m putty. But be careful, flowers might be a great idea, but you will want to pick up on what colour she wears and what colours she has around the house, you don’t want to pick the wrong style, people can be particular. But if she’s the right one, she should just appreciate the gesture (and jump right into your arms).

3) Make A Bet

Find something you know you will win at and then state if you win the bet, she has to go out on a date with you. This will illustrate your interest but also add a bit of excitement and creativity. But don’t start betting on a football game (unless she happens to be a football fan), I mean more like waiting at the bus stop and betting it will come in the next 30 minutes.

4) Invite Her To An Important Event

Whether it’s a wedding or a big occasion, she will understand this isn’t a normal request (otherwise you would have just asked your best mate) and will dress to impress and will be equally excited.

5) Compliment

If she does something like make you laugh or say something really sweet, let her know and tell her how happy you would be with her. Something like ‘I love your laugh so much, you always make me smile, I’d love to have you in my arms everyday’.

6) Change The Phone Wallpaper

Here is a risky one. Get into her phone, add a picture of you and add some text over the top saying ‘will you go out with me’. Beyond potentially getting caught sneaking through a phone and hiding something, the biggest risk is that she might not see it for a while or might not know whether you are being truly serious, but it would be dead sweet if it worked. She would certainly keep that picture forever.

7) Writing In A Coffee Shop

You will need a pen on hand for this one (or ask someone behind the desk), tell her to sit down and order her favourite coffee and when it comes around, quickly write ‘will you be my girlfriend?’. When you bring it over, you might need to offer a subtle hint, something like ‘I’m not sure if they spelled your name right on the cup’, then wait for the magic answer.

8) Her Favourite RomCom

Find out if she has a favourite romantic movie (or rom com) and re-enact the scene. Some might be easier than others, but even just quoting a few lines can have her weak at the knees, as she has probably watched the movie hoping to meet prince charming who would say those exact words to her and now here you are.

9) Pay For A Billboard

OK, this is a bit of an odd one, but would make for some great photos afterwards (providing she says yes). This isn’t the cheapest, we are talking about £250, but you could book one asking if she would date you (using your full name so she knows it is you and not a coincidence). This won’t work for everyone, maybe only opt for someone who has a very relaxed attitude and humour, as someone self-conscious might simply be embarrassed and ask you to take it straight down.

10) Photoshop Gig Tickets

If you have a decent level of skill at Photoshop then you can edit a gig ticket, a theatre ticket or anything of that calibre and change the details to ‘will you go out with me’. Offer it to them and wait for the reaction (or explain a little if they don’t get it straight away). But make sure not to highlight what you are going to see, if you highlight their favourite band they might be disappointed to find out they aren’t going regardless of the nice concept.

11) Consider The Season

If it’s Christmas, maybe get a Christmas jumper with a message on it. If it’s Halloween, carve the message into a pumpkin and post it to her. If it’s Easter, hide a chocolate (once again, with a message) somewhere for her to find.

12) Use A Pet

If you have a pet (and she loves these types of pets…In fact, if she doesn’t like dogs then run to the hills!! Anyway) then this can be an amazing way to play on the cuteness. You could try putting on a fancy dress dog costume and clipping a message to it asking her out. Or tie the note to the collar around the neck and ask her to check.

13) Buy Her A Lottery Ticket

The reverse of the bet idea, this way, you state if she wins she’s taking you out on a date, if not then you will take her out for dinner. Either way you get the date and potentially become a millionaire (plus a free date).

14) Make A Scrapbook

Combine funny images, little inside jokes and anything that you have both shared together into a little scrapbook of your relationship so far. At the end you can ask her out, then on the next page state ‘chapter 2, the rest of our life together’.

15) Just Ask Her

Not much to say here, other than it is time to overcome that fear of failure and take the plunge. You can’t wait around forever, if you are getting positive signals back then go for it, if she says no then you can move on to Mrs right.

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