11 Conversations All Relationships Will Have In The First Year Of Dating

11 Conversations All Relationships Will Have In The First Year Of Dating

The honeymoon period, the first argument, the first time you sleep together, there are a lot of big moments and ‘firsts’ in that initial year of dating someone. You will also have a number of BIG conversations, so we’ve listed the talks you can expect to have in the first year of dating.

1) Is It Time To Meet The Family

At least one of the two of you will freak out at this point, either on introducing them or meeting the family in law begins to settle in. For me, I have a very close and warm family and have no issues with introducing someone new in, however meeting the partners family is certainly a scary moment. This conversation will pop up at different times for different couples, depending on how close their family is, both emotionally and in geographical proximity.

2) Do You Want To Have Children Someday

This is often a casual worded conversation where one partner will try to understand what the other wants in life and whether they see this relationship as serious. It should be highlighted that this shouldn’t be a scary conversation, it could be a child in ten years time, but it is important to know you are both on the same wave length.

3) The Religion

Whether you’re atheist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, how ever you feel from a religious concept, it will eventually come up in conversation. Whether its understanding the others values or there traditions, or working out similarities or differences between each other, this one will come along. Don’t be nervous if you are from different religions, embrace the multi-cultural nature of your love and learn about each other and both of your upbringings.

4) Do You Trust Me?

You can 100% trust someone, but you may want to hear it from the other persons mouth that they equally trust you. Trust is pivotal in a serious relationship and there is nothing worse than jealousy, that may rear its ugly head at some point.

5) What Makes You Happy?

Whether its go karting on the weekend, raiding charity shops, watching the football or eating in luxurious restaurants, it is important to understand what they enjoy in life. This is a great way to find things you both can enjoy, but I also feel it is important to take an interest in each others passions. If they aren’t willing to embrace your interests then maybe they’re not as in to you as you think.

6) Tell Me About Your Ex

This is a dangerous topic of discussion and won’t enter in every scenario, but it will often be put out there by at least one of you. Whether its how recently did you break up, why did you break up or how long were you together for, it can be a natural way of learning about them, but also a potential jealous point of conversation if the answer triggers something. It’s important to discuss this early days and leave the past in the past. Ex’s shouldn’t make a common part of the dialogue between you two, but it also shouldn’t cause an argument if it comes up (unless the conversation is ‘ah my girlfriend used to love doing this’).

7) Where Are We Going For New Years?

Whether it’s a wild night on the town, a house party with friends or a night watching the New Years TV with some prosecco in hand, New Years is a popular option for couple’s wanting to kiss at New Years and enter the new year together. Make sure you are both available, as this could quickly become a point of argument if one of you is opting to see friends over each other or has other plans.

8) Were You Just Flirting With Her/Him?

Well, that jealous conversation has popped up again, but it is important to cover. No relationship can go without a bump or two and at some point you will notice them (or they will notice you) talking to someone in a close manner. While it may be absolutely harmless, it can feel like a dagger entering the heart and an impulsive explosion of verbal diarrhea may enter the scene, as they pretend to not care when they really want to dive into every detail of how you two met and if there is any serious connection.

9) How Much Do You Earn?

Whether its as direct as that, or casual hinting around the topic and your line of work, it is natural to want to know what they earn in comparison to yourself. This doesn’t have to have negative connotations or be prying into someone’s life, but it is interesting getting to know someone in every way possible.

10) You Don’t Like *Enter Food Of Choice*

Whether it’s a cheesy stuffed crust or a Chicken Tikka Masala, you will eventually find a food where you CANNOT and WILL NOT believe they don’t like it. Hopefully it’s not your favourite dish, as this could be awkward at dinner time, but it isn’t something to cry about. More food for you! Hopefully they will like other dishes of the same origin so when in a restaurant they will still have something to pick. For example, someone might not like Sushi, but they could still go for a chicken Katsu.

11) Do I Look Pretty / Fat / White Teeth / Too Skinny

Take your pick, male or female, this conversation will come up. If they do have yellow teeth, we don’t recommend pointing it out or simply buying them some activated charcoal teeth whitening, but maybe mention you are buying some for yourself and offer to buy them some as well.

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