10 tips on using a sheet mask

10 tips on using a sheet mask

There’s nothing like relaxing with a sheet mask on, especially when it is a miserable evening and no amount of convincing will get you out out!

Here we share our top tips on using a sheet mask to get the best results from your product and see the benefits for your skin!

1. Clean skin

Let me ask you something, would you take a shower with your clothes on? Little silly to suggest right? Well applying a sheet mask whilst wearing make-up is basically the same thing. To really see the difference in your skin remove all your make-up, including eye make-up such as mascara. This will allow your skin to absorb the serum of the sheet mask that is packed full of antioxidants and will nourish the skin. This wouldn’t be the case if you still had make-up on as the sheet mask will trap the products such as foundation into the skin which would clog the pores and lead to breakouts and blemishes. 

2. Use before make-up

If you have the time, apply a sheet mask in the morning before your make-up. This is a fantastic way of giving your skin some hydration and healthy glow that will look stunning with foundation! Our skin can get a little battered and bruised with the cold weather causing all sorts of trouble, from dry patches to blemishes! A sheet mask will help moisturise the skin and so drier areas will vanish and redness in blemishes calmed and reduced, resulting in your foundation blending on flawlessly and last all day! 

3. Massage

This little tip will add a bit of luxury to your sheet mask. Once you applied the mask all over the face and ensured it is smoothed over the skin you can give yourself a mini facial. Apply gentle pressure to the skin and work in circular motions around the face, you could also move in upward motions as this is very anti-ageing and fights against gravity which causes the skin to sag. The pressure and movement will also stimulate blood flow and make the face appear plump and fuller with a stunning glow!

4. Jump in the shower

Once you’ve applied your sheet mask another great thing to do will be to hop into the shower. The heat and steam from the water will act like a sauna opening the pores and allowing the vitamins and hyaluronic acid and all other beneficial ingredients to absorb quick and deeper into the skin. In a way it is giving your sheet mask a super charge and getting the most out of it, just be sure you don’t get the mask too wet!

5. Trim the mask

Sheet masks can be on the large side sometimes and so trimming the excess away to make the mask fit the face perfectly. Don’t waste the excess mask, use it for other areas, such as your neck, décolletage. Even dry areas like your knees and elbows will benefit from the extra moisture! 

6. Use a scrub

Using a scrub before a sheet mask is a fabulous idea to try, not only will you give yourself a really deep clean, you will also remove all remaining dead skin cells that build up on the skin make it look dull and dry. Sheet masks are different to other face masks as they do not provide any exfoliation so you won’t have the worry of exposing the skin to too many aggressors. With the skin being fresh and clean you will also find it absorbs the serum of the sheet mask more quickly!

7. Use it on an airplane

Long haul or short haul, flights really do take it out of your skin! Drinking water is an important thing to remember whilst being airborne, however, water can’t hydrate all the organs and your skin! Pop your favourite sheet mask into your carry on bag. Yes you will look a little odd with a sheet mask on during the flight but your skin will be entirely grateful for the helping hand, and I’m pretty sure the cabin crew have seen worse!

8. Flip the mask

This trick will ensure none of that vitamin enriched serum won’t go to waste. Firstly take a look at how long you will need to apply the mask for, then half way through the time, take the mask off and turn it over. This will mean you get a new amount of serum onto the skin and wouldn’t have wasted any of the product! Don’t forget to smooth out the mask of any wrinkles and overlapping pieces if mask. 

9. Don’t wash your face

Once you’ve removed the mask don’t wash your face, even if you feel tempted to. This will result in all the hard working antioxidants, vitamins and good acids end up down the drain and not treating the skin! If you find your face is still feeling a little wet from the sheet mask, simply pat the remaining serum until it is fully melted into the skin.

10. Gather a collection

The variety of sheet masks available on the market is unbelievable! There are masks for radiance, calming, pigmentation, all there to help with any concerns you may have. The beauty of sheet masks is their price is very purse friendly and gives you the opportunity to try out as many as you like without breaking the bank. Once you have found the few you like and find work for you, you will be able stock up and use if and when they are needed!

Sheet masks have a number of different benefits and we hope that these tips will enable you to get the most out of them. It’s all about experimenting and finding the ones that work for you and give you the best skin you can have. Once you’ve achieved that you will be able to add a sheet mask into your skincare routine with ease!

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